Top Marine General Risks Career to Rebuke Obama’s “Leadership”

Conservative Tribune

As the chaos in the middle east grows further and further out of control, more Americans are coming to realize that the responsibility for the situation lies directly at the feet of the failed foreign policy of President Barack Obama.

Iraq is not the only example of Obama’s foreign policy disasters, but it may be the most obvious. Not only did Obama pull American forces out of Iraq prematurely, his policy of releasing known radical Islamic terrorists from detention at Guantanamo Bay has both encouraged America’s enemies and provided them with new personnel.

Now the ISIS terrorist group–considered so brutal that al-Qaeda has reportedly cut ties with it–threatens Christians and Shiite Muslims in both Syria and Iraq. Under the leadership of a terrorist released by Obama, ISIS has gone from a relatively small terrorist organization to a major regional threat.

Recently a disabled Iraq veteran took to Twitter to blast Obama’s failures, and now the head of the Marine Corps has come out to publicly criticize Obama’s handling of Iraq, according to Fox News.

Speaking at a Brookings Institution event, General James Amos says things could have been very different under another president: “Had we had the right forces, the right leadership, the right mentoring, the right government, courage…” he says, Iraq might be much better off–and so would American interests in the region.

“I find it hard to believe, knowing how Iraq looked when we left in 2010,” the General said, “…when the last U.S. forces left that we would be in the position we’re in today in Iraq.” He also blasted the Obama administration for seeming to believe that just because we want to be finished with difficult situations, America should step away. “We may think we’re done with them, but they’re not done with us.”

These are remarkable statements from a man such as Amos. Colonel Oliver North, who says that General Amos is a friend, agrees: “Senior officers on active duty rarely ever speak this way.”

As the saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures. It cannot be easy for a career military officer to speak so critically against his commander in chief in public. Amos is probably emboldened by the fact that he is not really saying anything revelatory, but rather giving voice to a well-understood truth about Obama’s lack of foreign policy acumen, not to mention his inability to lead or gain the respect of America’s military.

Nonetheless, there is no question but that General Amos’s comments must be embarrassing to the Obama administration, and his courage in making them is admirable.

2 thoughts on “Top Marine General Risks Career to Rebuke Obama’s “Leadership”

  1. “…won’t be able to protect our friends…”

    Naive? No, he is NOT naive. He is doing it deliberately!!!

    • Sure it is. He has leadership experence, never drafted a bill when he was in the Senate, never had to meet a payroll, but he did……and still does know how to spend other peoples money.

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