8 thoughts on “The NDAA Explained in 3 Minutes

  1. This is a short video. There is ONE MAN standing up for us against the NDAA. Watch the faces of the others:

    ​Video: Ill Rep Explodes on the House Floor

    • I’m sure it was good but it is unavailable.

      • That makes me sad! The Illinois Representative stood up to everyone in the house and said, “You CANNOT allow one man to have all of this power…LET MY PEOPLE GO!!!”

        I looked up the subject matter on Google Encrypted….hoping to get at least the transcript…it wasn’t there either.

      • The media must keep things quiet for obama.

      • It isn’t the media this one time.
        A few days ago, there was an article that explained that Obama had thousands upon thousands articles, and video(s) deleted from search engines.

      • I’m sure Google played a part in it. After all, one of the Big Shots that works at Google is related to George Soros.

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