Fox Host: Maybe One Day We Can Discuss Where Obama Really From

Birther Report

Jeff Lichter: If you saw “The Five” today, you would have heard Andrea Tanteros during a discussion about Bill Ayers say something to the effect of and I am paraphrasing ” Maybe one day on this program, we will be able to have a discussion about who the real Barack Obama is and where he came from”.

Unfortunately, I fear that Andrea may be imminently dismissed by Fox for saying that. I hope I am wrong of course.


Fox News’ Andrea Tanteros: We didn’t vet pResident Obama now. But at some point we’re going to have an honest conversation about who he is and where he came from

Obama seeks $500 million from Congress to help “moderate” Syrian rebels

Jihad Watch

Doesn’t Obama know that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has bulldozed the part of the Syria/Iraq border that it controls? Doesn’t he know that there are no significant forces in Syria that want a secular state, but only various bands of pro-Sharia Islamic supremacists? Doesn’t it occur to him how incoherent it is to want to arm these people in Syria and fight against them in Iraq? For there is no significant difference between the “rebels” fighting Assad and the “extremists” fighting Maliki.

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America is a one-party state

Family Security Matters

The Republican Party is nothing more than the servile junior partner of an entrenched bipartisan political establishment in Washington DC that does everything in its power to extinguish representative government and thwart the will of the American people.

In the Mississippi Republican primary run-off, Senator-For-Life, 76-year-old Thad Cochran was declared the winner over Tea Party-backed challenger Chris McDaniel by just over six thousand votes.

To secure his slim victory, Cochran not only received the full-blown backing of the Republican establishment and the amnesty-supporting US Chamber of Commerce, but he shamelessly solicited cross-over votes from traditionally Democratic voters, blacks and union members, who, like himself, support big spending and big government.

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