US Republic Now Gone – Fully Replaced by Dictatorship

not that it's funny

Gulag Bound 


I have been writing about this time for, at least, the last ten years. It has now arrived. It has occurred under Barack Hussein Obama. Those who say “Obama has now lost his political power” are either not seeing what’s going on or are willfully attempting ignorance. As predicted, Obama’s power as dictator-in-chief is on the rise and growing exponentially every day.

Obama and his criminal syndicate are completely and tyrannically running the show in the USA. US and Constitutional laws are not being followed–and have not been since Obama took the Office of POTUS–by Obama and the members of his ruling cabal. Obama’s legal authority is to enforce the laws of the land. Obama has–and is–doing neither. Instead, he is writing and judging laws–replacing both Congress and SCOTUS.

The Obama syndicate didn’t like SCOTUS’ Citizens United decision regarding political contributions from all–not just its own leftist supporters. Therefore, the ObamaGov sicked its now wholly-owned IRS on Obama’s enemies conservative, Christian and observant Jewish organizations in order to keep them all from being politically active in opposing his Orwellian and subversive policies. In an article from Huff Post–hardly a conservative or even “moderate” publication–Harlow Giles Unger writes:

Nothing in the Constitution gives a president power to issue executive orders or proclamations with the force of law. The opening words of Article I of the Constitution are quite clear: “All legislative powers… shall be vested in a Congress of the United States.”

Obama’s message that the US’ Southern border is now wide-open has reached not only Mexico but, Central America and the Middle East’s jihadis…and they are entering what used to be a country–our country–by the thousands. Obama’s–or perhaps Jarrett’s– strategy seems to have been and-still-does “Let them know we’re no longer trying to keep anyone out and that they can send their kids here so that the stupid American people will feel sorry for them. Then, their parents can follow and be new Democrat voters!”


Note: Without well-maintained and policed borders, there is not a sovereign country. And quite obviously the Islamic terrorist groups, drug cartels, human traffickers and Latin gangs (with MS-13 members reported to be in the forefront) are now entering at will. Obama said he would “transform” what was once our country. Transform to Obama means “obliterate”…and he has done so while Congress members still do nothing to stop him in the hopes that Obama will allow them to retain their “elite-ruler” status.

Obama has overtly turned against our veterans, is in the process of criminalizing his opposition, is removing our Constitutional rights, has illegally opened our borders to all comers (effectively “providing aid and comfort to our enemies”–that’s treason) each and every day (BTW, the Obama-directed Copyright/Patent Office’s decision against the name “Washington Redskins” globally removes the owners of the team’s rights to that which they have paid for decades) so that the destruction of our country will soon be completed. And please don’t forget that Muslim Brotherhood members are running huge portions of the US federal government–including but, not limited to the US DHS.

Impeaching Obama is interesting but–unfortunately–won’t work…and he knows it. Ostensibly, impeachment would give Congress the right to provide them with discovery and subpoena Obama & Co. The problem is that the Obama syndicate will not comply with any orders that do not comport with their own “kill the USA” agenda. Just this week, the IRS issued the statement that ‘all of Lois Lerner’s emails, including those back and forth from the White House, have been lost due to a ‘computer glitch’. I can hear the conversation from Obama’s dictator chambers now:

Val, I love your idea! Let’s go with it. We’ll tell the peasants that we can’t find the emails or their lost…or whatever. What can Congress or the stupid American people do to us? Nothing! Heck, they voted for their destruction twice when they voted us in. Besides, we’ve militarized most of our government now to protect us while they and Congress let us do it.

(Laughter is heard while Obama takes another drag on his cig and slugs down another beer).

So, you take care of it and that Iraq thing, too. I need some sleep so that I’ll be awake on the links in the Springs tomorrow.

We have but, one choice, folks, and it was always the only and inevitable one. There are, now, no other options left. Obama and his cabal must be physically removed from our White House.

2Th 2:9 (NKJ) – “The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders.”


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11 thoughts on “US Republic Now Gone – Fully Replaced by Dictatorship

  1. This is soooo sickening…it breaks my Heart.

  2. Reblogged this on saboteur365 and commented:
    My view is that Barack Hussein Obama is a sock puppet for the globalist New World Order, sometimes called the Illuminati or Illuminati Jews. Whether you believe him to be truly in charge or not, he is playing the role of Satanic dictator to the hilt. This post explains what Obama has done that is illegal and why impeachment is very unlikely to happen.

    • I read a story a while back that talked about the anti Christ. People thought it was Obama, so they killed him. Turned out it wasn’t him but the one who came after him.
      What Obama does and gets away with is real important because it sets the stage for every President after him do what he has done and maybe more. Obama has opened the door to the New Dark Ages. A time when right is wrong, good is evil and it is all upon us.

  3. Reblogged this on Grumpa Joe's Place and commented:
    I thought I was alone in my opinion that Obama’s transformation of the “Greatest Nation on Earth” is nothing more than communist-speak for take over the country and turn it into a banana dictatorship. You wanted him, you voted for him, and now you will bow to him.

  4. The only time I will bow to, for, or around him is after or during his fall- however that may come about. I’ll also make sure I wave at him vigorously with my left hand (An insult to Muslims- No TP around in most places so greetings and business is done with the right hand while the wiping of their backside is done with the left hand- an insult that basically says “Your no better than the crap I wipe from my ass”). As for Congress it’s all about the promise of power, money, and position- now and in the future. And I’m sure some “Dirt Digging” was part of it also. We can no longer rely on ANY elected official. A Politician is nothing more than a greedy, back-stabbing, exceptionally skilled liar. The only way we will be able to recover our country derives from 2 possibilities. 1) A Second Civil War- and if you’ve been paying attention that’s pretty much what Barry is trying to do. He is trying his best to push the citizens of this country, especially Gun Owning- Christian- Patriotic- Constitution Loving people, into a forced Government takeover that will inevitably involve violence. He’s been preparing for it for some-time now. Just look at the militarization of Law Enforcement Agency’s all over the country. It doesn’t take much to figure out that he has been expecting it, practically begging for it. OR 2) Following the Constitution and the Bill of Rights- which is not only legal but for all purposes the most effective (No “wiggle room” on this one), whether he is a “Natural Born Citizen”, a U.S. Citizen, or even an “Illegal Alien”, obtain the necessary paperwork and personnel, and there can be a completely Legal and Binding Arrest Warrant issued for him and anyone who has assisted him, known of his actions and said or did nothing, covered for him, or even spoke for him. He can be on trial for multiple charges, along with all his cronies and he won’t be able to get out of it.

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