(Updated) Why Progressives Will Underwrite Obama’s Impeachment

Rob Cunningham USA

Obama will NOT complete his 2nd term as President.

First, for Obama’s repeated lies, coverup and abandonment of two heroic Navy Seals, leaving both to die on the Benghazi battlefield on 9/11/2012, while the liberal media openly carried his YouTube video water for eight months. During last week’s House hearings, the mainstream media was shamed and embarrassed before the entire world, exposed as being lazy, partisan and incurious. The Obama-fawning media was highlighted as being unwilling to honestly report to their fellow citizens.

Secondly, the 60-day electronic DOJ surveillance blanket thrown over the Associated Press, monitoring 100 reporter’s work and personal phone calls, has and will continue to infuriate Obama’s liberal media base. This invasive crime against our freedom of the press is an illegal abuse of power that has blown a chilly wind up Obama’s cheerleader’s skirts. Now that the media’s ox has been gored, they are outraged.

Thirdly, the IRS’s (supposed) single Cincinnati villain targeted ALL Tea Party, pro-Constitution, limited government and pro-Israeli groups since 2010, using the most powerfully destruction agency of the federal government? One single progressive individual, one person, was empowered at the IRS to target every conservative, tax-exempt group in America? This coordinated abuse of power is far worse than the first article of impeachment against Richard M. Nixon during Watergate, one ironically drafted with Hillary Clinton’s help. Ah, the karma. This IRS scandal will greatly damage ObamaCare’s implementation in 2014 because citizens will never stand for criminally abusive IRS activists entering our homes and offices to gather personally invasive questions about our intimate health history, insurance premiums and policy coverages.  Any IRS “promise” to never share, leak or abuse our personal health information with any biased, political or destructive intent – the manner in which the IRS just abused conservatives simply for being conservative, will NEVER “fly” with the public, congress or media.

Lastly, most infuriating to the liberal media and progressives, will be this realization: Barack Obama, through his narcissistic overreach and criminal abuses of power, has validated virtually every claim, criticism and “conspiracy theory” of the so-called “evil, far right, racist Tea Party extremists”; Americans most despised by the liberal left. Obama has been mockingly coined the NRA’s best salesman for 5 years running. He will now, most assuredly be mockingly credited as the TeaParty’s Number One Salesman for decades into the future. For this utterly unpardonable sin, media progressives will allow Obama’s impeachment proceedings to begin, and end, successfully.

Obama has managed to fundamentally transform the media against him for his egregious sins against progressivism: he has inadvertently aided and abetted the “Taliban wing of the Republican Party.” For this abomination, progressives will seek a political death sentence.

High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Benghazi + IRS + AP + Public Deception + DOJ + FastAndFurious  + Witness Intimidation + Obstruction of Justice + Abuse of Power.

“But the greatest of these, is Benghazi.”


The multi-billion dollar, news media franchises of ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN are now at risk of collapse if their “journalists” are perceived as continuing to carry Obama’s fouled water. Luckily for these failed news media outlets, the Obama Impeachment trials will be the most viewed media event in world history. And the irony of ironies is the very progressive media that helped elect Barack Obama twice will inadvertently help educate the world, via coverage of Obama’s impeachment trial, just why America is the shining city on the hill.

The great fundamental transformation has run into a dead end. The political pendulum is swinging rapidly to the right. And Barack Obama will not complete his second term.  As a lovely parting gift to conservatives and Tea Party minded citizens, Barack has managed to destroy Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential hopes.

God does work in mysterious ways.

[ Updated: June 16, 2014 ]  Since this original publication, the gates of hell have been opened by Barack Obama.  He has singularly, lawlessly and contemptuously, choreographed a massive invasion of our southern border via thousands of “children” per day, willfully aided and illegally re-staffed enemy Taliban combatants in a time of War, with hubris never before witnessed in US history, is claiming 2+ years of IRS emails pertaining to criminal activities between the IRS, DOJ and White House have curiously “gone missing”, and on his watch hundreds of veterans have died after being covertly placed on illegal waiting lists, for which Veteran Administration officials were paid thousands in financial bonuses.  With each of these mind-numbing, disastrous and criminally negligent acts, Obama has continued his pattern of pathological lies, contempt of Congress and obstruction of justice into all attempts to hold him accountable.  In 2015, with control of the House and Senate in the hands of the only party with even the remotest degree of intestinal fortitude, Obama’s narcissistic nature will be his undoing.  Even “his” media will turn on him, for the ensuing death, chaos, crimes and public outrage will be even too much for a gutless, soulless media to defend.  Mark my words.

These two pieces will serve to highlight Obama’s criminal mendacity and validate the depths of his High Crimes and Misdemeanors:

For Love of Country, Impeach Obama – Diane West

2 thoughts on “(Updated) Why Progressives Will Underwrite Obama’s Impeachment

  1. Until his ratings drop below 20% nothing will be done to impeach this dangerous fool !

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