Obama’s Children’s Crusade

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The Children’s Crusade that has invaded our southern borders has an amazing number of well-fed gangster types, grabbing their crotches and giving the finger to the news cameras. These adult-sized gangsters are not children, and they don’t act like children. They are doing sex, dope, and almost certainly work in criminal collusion with the biggest Mexican drug cartel, Sinaloa. They certainly look more like drug smugglers and mules for the youngsters who have apparently been abandoned by their real parents and by governments south of the border, to go wandering north under conditions that simply invite abuse.

Would you send your own kids in wild mobs to a strange land? Do Hispanics love and protect their children less than we do? No. This is another Obama agit-prop stunt, like the Tahrir Square “spontaneous demonstration” that brought Muslim Bro Mohammed Morsi to power in Egypt. Bill Ayers was involved in those demonstrations at Egypt’s borders with Gaza, where he agitated for the barriers to come down and let Hamas into Egypt. Then the Egyptians came to their senses, and overthrew Morsi for El Sisi, a man in the mold of Anwar Sadat.

Mob agitation is a standard operating tactic of these people, in close collusion with leftist media and agitator groups like the Ruckus Society, and of course our Rotten Media.

So now we have a U.S. president assaulting our southern borders. Think about that.

Isn’t it always the same in this administration?

Three power centers had to come together to fake this refugee crisis — with the healthiest-looking refugees in history.

First is the Obama Administration, which has a long history of doing this — based on Alinsky and ACORN training manuals. The Children’s Crusade is just another variation of Occupy Wall Street, filled with rich trust-fund kids from Upper Manhattan, who had to take the subway all the way down to Wall Street for their heroic demos against “the 1%” — like their parents. Ayers always said that “kill your parents” is the key to The Revolution. Well, the Wall Street Occupishers trashed and excreted on the streets for the eager cameristas of the New York Times (which helped organize the demos), leaving the black and Hispanic workers of the Sanitation Department to clean up.

The second big power center colluding in this assault are governments south of the border, which always play footsie with the radical left down there, like La Raza, and the cartels.

Newspapers in Central America have been actively encouraging children to throw themselves on the mercy of the American people, and to overwhelm our Border Patrol. In any civilized nation that is criminal child abuse, and in this case it is large-scale, highly organized criminal child abuse, probably a defined crime against humanity.

Valerie Jarrett met “several times” with La Raza and its ilk, who want to turn the United States into “Azatlan.” — because they are entitled to own this country, of course. Our Rotten Media are playing along, as we have seen a thousand times.

The third colluding organization is the Sinaloa Cartel, the biggest and most dangerous organized drug mob, which received arms from this administration in the Fast and Furious scandal. Sinaloa used those weapons to destroy their competition south of the border, and to intimidate the U.S. Border Patrol.

Sinaloa had to be involved in the Children’s Crusade, because they control the southern border, probably more effectively than we do.

What we are seeing therefore is an Obama-La Raza-Sinaloa alliance at work.

You need to know only three facts about Sinaloa: they are huge, they are very dangerous, and they have penetrated our political-media class in cities like Chicago. This follows Alinsky doctrine that the left rises to power by building alliances with the criminal mafia against the middle class.

This administration seems to love radical gangs of all kinds, from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (slogan: All we want is to die in the way of Allah!); to Hamas, which has just received de facto recognition as part of the Pals; to Hizb’allah, the Iranian proxy terror group, which runs Lebanon and does widespread drug smuggling in South America; to Al Qaeda in Libya and Syria, which is being supported by the United States and Qatar to head-chop all the infidels they want, in exchange for slicing up Assad’s control of Syria.

As SecState, Hillary Clinton allowed high-level Moob infiltration by such as Huma Abedin, her “close aide,” and former Moob magazine editrix. In this administration, if the Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t know something, it’s not worth knowing.

Add that to Obama’s utter surrender to the mullahs’ nuclear program, and there is no more reasonable doubt: this administration sides with our most ferocious enemies.

That is the political context for the Children’s Crusade today, timed exquisitely to coincide with the amnesty bill the RINOs were going to help Obama to push through Congress.

Just an amazing coincidence, you see.

When the Democrats abandoned South Vietnam, desperate Vietnamese clung to the last helicopters lifting off from our embassy roof. They were truly desperate, because soon they were going to be killed or corralled in death camps, as we later saw from the Vietnamese Boat People, who sometimes made it on rafts to the safety of U.S. Navy ships, years later. Those people deserved our compassionate help to escape the death grip of Ho Chi Minh.

Today’s Children’s Crusade is a very different thing. These well-fed and reportedly sexually-active kids are not refugees. They don’t look desperate. Their long bus ride across the U.S. border is not an act of desperation, and their parents, aunts, and uncles are not far behind. No; this is an organized mob, run by adults (including Valerie Jarrett and her kind), in collusion with governments and mafias south of the border — to give our radical leftist media a chance for another tear-jerking photo op for the Hopeless Suckers of America. This is community disorganizing the Obama way. It is the scofflaw pattern we have learned to expect from this Chicago Way administration. For the internationalist media it’s Hurricane Katrina playbook, repeated to the point of boredom. Haven’t we seen these stunts before?

Americans do not want to believe it, but everybody is beginning to smell massive corruption and national betrayal in this administration. We are seeing terrorist and gangland penetration. Terror gangs like Hizb’allah also deal drugs throughout Latin America. Just look at the facts.

The medieval Children’s Crusade ended in death and slavery for the children who were enticed into it. In this case, La Raza, ValJar, Obama and the Sinaloa drug cartel seem to be in collusion in a crime against human rights.

The DEA stated two years ago that the Sinaloa Cartel is “so deeply embedded in Chicago, we have to operate the way we do on the border.”

Which throws a whole new light on this administration. For example, the “Fast and Furious” gunrunning scandal is usually thought to be an anti-gun stunt by Obama and Holder. But factor in the Sinaloa Cartel in Chicago, and Alinsky’s preaching for a radical alliance with the Chicago mafia — then Fast and Furious begins to look like gunrunning to benefit the Sinaloa Cartel, so it could kill off the competition on the Mexican border. Sinaloa wants to break down border enforcement, and being armed to the teeth works just fine for them.

A similar political-mob alliance was negotiated in Chicago a dozen years ago by Jesse Jackson. Obama rose in the Illinois Machine, mentored by the Godfather, Emil Jones. Connect the dots…

When Obama made a surprise trip to Afghanistan right before the Bergdahl surrender speech at the Rose Garden, it was proclaimed to be a gesture of appreciation for the troops, despite the fact that Mohammed Karzai, the embattled but elected president of Afghanistan, didn’t want him there and remained aloof during the visit. (Imagine the media response if something like that had happened to George W. Bush.)

The fact  – as Karzai well knows – is that Obama is getting ready to surrender Afghanistan to the worst terrorist, woman-hating, child-abusing, America-fighting gangs, because that is his ideology.

Read that again if you don’t believe it, and then simply look at the facts. Obama’s Dreams of my Father is a tribute to his Mau Mau-supporting biological father, the Third World radical. The Mau Mau operated by head-chopping isolated white farm families in Kenya, slaughtering thousands before the Brit authorities brought them under control. .

That is standard operating procedure for “liberation terrorists” in Obama’s book. For Obama, the Al Qaeda affiliates who decapitated children in the Christian Syrian village of Ma’aloula were not committing the greatest evil humans are capable of. Those kids were only unlucky bystanders in the guerilla theater of jihadist Islam. The children and adults who were butchered in Nairobi’s Western Mall for the world to see were both white and black. But Al Qaeda didn’t care, because Allah will know his own when their souls fly to heaven for judgment. The 300 (by now) Nigerian girls who were stolen from their families and sold into Arab slavery — like all the ancestors of American blacks — are not really important in Obama’s cold mind. Nor were the young people in Tehran demonstrating against the sadistic mullahs in Iran at the start of this administration important. Who cares if mullahs quote from Allah to authorize the rape of women on death row?

The ACORN manual says it plainly: In politics, might is right. That is a Hitler slogan. Most Americans are political dopes and dupes, but some of us remember who gave Osama bin Laden safe haven in Afghanistan, to plan and execute 9/11/01. The Taliban are Wahhabi fanatics, a carbon copy of Al Qaeda.

The Haqqani network that captured Bowe Bergdahl is in cahoots with Iran, but Islamic fascists make tactical alliances all the time. They have a common enemy — all the infidels of the world, especially America and Israel.

As for Western Europe, it has already surrendered to a massive infiltration campaign, paid for by the oil regimes.

A few weeks ago, Tony Blair wrote an article proposing that Europe must combine with Russia to fight Islamic imperialism. He is right — Europe by itself has lost the will to live. Europe has more than 300 million educated people, but only Russia understands the danger of militant Islam, and acts without mercy. Soon enough, Europe will appeal to Russia for military protection. If our political class remains blind, deaf and dumb we may yet have to appeal to Putin and China to save us from the Obamas of this world.

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