BREAKING: Feds Threaten the Entire State of Oklahoma

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When Oklahoma asserted its Tenth Amendment rights by signing legislation making it the third state to ditch Common Core education standards, it was only a matter of time before the federal government pushed back.

Common Core standards are an attempt by the Obama administration to push further into the education system and eventually create a nationalized curriculum designed to transform children into wards of the state.

Many states have recognized the danger these standards pose both to freedom and the quality of the education their children receive and have began creating legislation that allows them to come up with their own standards.

Indiana was the first state to give Common Core the boot, followed by South Carolina, and then Oklahoma.

Now U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan has unleashed a veiled threat of punishment against the state during a press briefing delivered earlier this week.

via Daily Caller:

In a press briefing at the White House on Monday, though, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan struck back by vaguely suggesting that the federal government may now punish Oklahoma.

Duncan asserted that “40 percent of high school graduates” in Oklahoma “have to take remedial classes when they go to college” and only “25 percent of Oklahoma’s eighth-graders in math are proficient.”

The Obama administration education chief declared that the Common Core Standards Initiative is a panacea for this problem.

“We got a dropout problem we got to deal with,” Duncan said. “We want to make sure our high school graduates aren’t having to take remedial classes, burn up Pell grants, burn up student loans taking non-credit bearing. And right now, roughly 40 percent of those graduates in Oklahoma are having to do that. We don’t think that’s good for those young people, their families, or for the country.”

Duncan had ominous words for states that buck the Common Core trend.

“We partner with states whether they’re in Common Core or have their own high standards. But where we will challenge status quo is when states dummy down standards,” he warned.

It’s obvious that the federal government is licking its wounds at not being able to bully states into accepting their liberal education standards. The truth of the matter is that as long as Oklahoma stands its ground, there is little the White House can do.

The government needs to be reminded that it’s power is derived from the people, and the people have the constitutional right to take that power back, as they did so in this particular case. More states need to get on board in the fight against Common Core and send a strong message that states will not be bullied by the federal government.


8 thoughts on “BREAKING: Feds Threaten the Entire State of Oklahoma

  1. Reblogged this on The Lantern Journal and commented:
    Welcome to the Republic of Oklahoma! Dave Brat – Virginia 7th – is just a taste of what’s to come! We are going to wipe Obama Liberal Democrats off of the face of the earth. Hopefully sooner than later, before they can do more damage. Obama needs to be impeached immediately.

  2. What’s next for Obama’s Common Core? Google search “Operation Trojan Horse” in News, and normal web search “Operation Trojan Horse Wikipedia” for the Wikipedia article. “Operation Trojan Horse was an organised attempt by Islamists to co-opt schools in England and run them according to their extremist ideals.” Big news story over in UK recently. It could happen here in US if Obama isn’t stopped – impeached – soon I hope.

  3. Why is he still President ? Do you know why this idiot commie is still President ? DO YOU KNOW WHY ???? Tell me ! Just tell me !!

  4. So glad I live in Indiana! Common Core should be dropped by every state!

    • I never did like the fact that the feds had control of the education anyway. We can thank Carter for that.

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