Did the Obama administration engineer a humanitarian crisis on the border to push a progressive agenda?

Glenn Beck

Has the Obama administration engineered a humanitarian crisis in order to advance progressive policies on illegal immigration? That’s the charge Glenn made in his opening monologue Monday night on TheBlaze, connecting the President’s stance on illegals and a series of alarming stories from the border that have raised a lot of questions.

Last week, Glenn reported on a spike in illegal immigrant children trying to cross the border. In fact, some reports claim that 60,000 children will attempt to cross the border this year alone. Border agents are overwhelmed and ill-equipped to process such a huge number of illegals, let alone teenagers and kids as young as nine years old.

President Obama came out and called this an “urgent humanitarian crisis” last Monday, and has requested an extra $1.4 billion – yes BILLION – in order to cope with the crisis. Meanwhile, over 700 kids are now being sheltered in a warehouse in Arizona.

It’s a tragic situation. No one – even the staunchest opponents to illegal immigration – want to see kids suffering in a makeshift shelter, missing their parents and longing for the better life promised by the American Dream.

But as the news cycle is dominated by the gut wrenching tragedy of the situation – no one is asking the important question: why the sudden influx of kids on the border? Why are they coming now?

The administration and the media are reporting that they are fleeing extreme poverty and rising violence – but hasn’t that been going on for years now?

Glenn noticed that in one news report from the LA Times there may be an answer: “Increased violence in Central America, the desire to reunify with parents and false rumors circulating in their homelands that unaccompanied children can stay indefinitely in the United States are fueling the surge, administration officials said.” (emphasis added)

A local report from KRGV gives further evidence that a local news station in Guatemala is telling mothers with kids will not be turned away at the border.

Central Americans say news reports in their countries are encouraging them to make the journey north to the United States.

A mother and child told CHANNEL 5 NEWS that the message being disseminated in their country is, “go to America with your child, you won’t be turned away.”

The woman, Nora Griselda Bercian Diaz, from Guatemala, said she endured threats from the Zetas and extortion from corrupt Mexican police. She eventually crossed the Rio Grande with her 6-year-old Delmi Griselda Paul Bercian by her side.

Where did this rumor come from? Glenn tied it back to a 2012 Executive Order issued by President Obama that allowed illegal immigrants who came here as minors to defer deportation for two years. However, this order only applies to those who came to America before 2007, a fact often buried by the Obama administration.

“Everything the administration has communicated on the issue of illegal immigration has left no doubt that this is an administration friendly to illegal immigrants. The clear impression that he is leaving is this: They want to abolish deportation. They want amnesty for all. Even the worst of the worst, convicted illegal felons, are treated like royalty. 36,000 were released from prison in 2013 alone. Yet our one marine is on Day 70 in a Mexican prison? The administration has actually planned another executive order to extend this deportation delay another two years, they haven’t pulled the trigger on it, but he will,” Glenn said.

Glenn said it should be no surprise that people are choosing to break the law because they know President Obama doesn’t want to follow it. In fact, the humanitarian crisis with the children held at the border has reignited the debate of illegal immigration and renewed the left’s push for legislation that would grant amnesty to kids who illegally came here “through no fault of there own.”

“I will tell you, you are dealing with dangerous revolutionaries,” Glenn said. “They will make sure they never let a crisis go to waste.”

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