The Unraveling Treasonous Acts of President Barack Hussein Obama

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By Amy Elizabeth

It’s no secret of my hate for Obama. I’m certainly not politically correct but I do try not to use the word hate loosely. My destain for Obama has nothing to do with skin color. It’s his arrogance, lawlessness and what he has done to fundamentally change our country. However, it goes deeper than policy. Obama’s disrespect for the office he holds and his distaste for United States Military is appalling. President Reagan made Americans feel good, believed in peace through strength, and had so much respect for the Oval office he wouldn’t remove his suit jacket. Could you imagine President Reagan funding and negotiating with our enemy?

There’s no doubt the President Barack Hussein Obama’s a Muslim. He despises everything to do with Christianity and traditional America. When Obama said “America is no longer a Christian Nation.” he was simply stating his goal to infiltrate America with Islam. Obama has done everything possible to destroy American freedom and liberty.

Obama’s scandals are so rampant that they are hard to name in a single breath. The most destructive of all his scandals is the most recent trade he made with America’s enemy. The trade of five Taliban terrorist for an American Muslim sympathizer. Traitor Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl deserted his platoon at war time. Under the Uniform Code of Military justice article 85 a deserter who desserts his post at the time of war is punishable by death. Obama’s goal was to distract the American people from V.A. scandal and many others lurking in the background.

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Nauseating: Obama State Department Refers To Taliban 5 As “Gentlemen”…

Weasel Zippers

Then again, it’s not like they are wanted by the UN for war crimes for killing thousands of people . . . no, wait?

Via Weekly Standard:

A spokeswoman for the State Department referred to the Taliban operatives released from Guantanamo Bay as part of the deal to retrieve Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl as “gentlemen.” In a Monday afternoon appearance with Andrew Mitchell on MSNBC, Marie Harf, the deputy spokesperson at State and an alumna of the Obama campaign, argued with Mitchell over the question of whether or not Congress should have ben notified about the exchange before it occured. […]

“Under this administration, we’ve put in very stringent processes to determine that we can sufficiently mitigate the risk that the terrorists, the possibility that these gentlemen will go back to the battlefield,” Harf says.

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Faster & More Furious: U.S. Missiles Have Been Used Against American Troops

Gateway Pundit

Progressives Today is reporting that US made Stinger anti-aircraft missiles have been used against American forces in theater.

As Kenneth Timmerman recently wrote in the New York Post, “The Obama administration is not only giving the Taliban back its commanders – it’s giving them weapons.”

That comment was inspired by the recent news that a U.S. military helicopter shot down in Afghanistan in 2012 was knocked out of the sky by a modern, U.S. made Stinger missile.

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Another Heavily Publicized Random Mass Shooting, More Calls to Rewrite the 2nd Amendment

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The Daily Sheeple

While people like writer Dean Obeidallah over at The Daily Beast are calling for “political hardball” in regard to gun control, writing, “Anyone else tired of the same old bullshit we see after every gun-shooting spree?” and our congresspeople are busy introducing more anti-gun legislation every chance they get, yet another highly publicized mass shooting just occurred in Las Vegas.

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Susan Rice’s Latest Whopper: “Our Leadership Is Unmatched”…


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Apparently she was able to say this with a straight face.

Colleville-sur-Mer, France (CNN) – Defending President Barack Obama’s foreign policy as one of global leadership – rather than the passive stance his critics portray – National Security Adviser Susan Rice said Friday the United States was taking important steps in Syria by offering both “lethal and non-lethal” aid to the moderate opposition fighting a bloody civil war.

Critics have cited Obama’s record in Syria as evidence of a failed foreign policy, saying his decision to forgo air strikes after Assad deployed chemical weapons displayed weakness to rivals.

Rice countered those claims by pointing to still-strong alliances between the U.S. and partner nations.

“I don’t think the criticism has been fair,” she said. “I think the fact of the matter is we’re living in complex times, there are many different challenges that the United States and the world faces. But our leadership is unmatched. Our role is indispensable.”


A pardon for Bowe Bergdahl?


When Bowe Bergdahl was first released, the administration’s line seemed to be that he had suffered enough as a Taliban prisoner, and thus that the U.S. would not likely punish him as a deserter even if that’s what he turned out to be. But as the deal came in for strong criticism and evidence mounted as to Bergdahl’s betrayal, the line changed.

We were assured by the military that Bergdahl’s conduct would be investigated and, if misconduct were found, he would be subject to the military justice system. In the meantime, we should withhold judgment.

But Bill Otis predicts that, regardless of the facts (which so far point unambiguously to the conclusion that Bergdahl deserted), Bergdahl will never face a military trial because President Obama will pardon him. Bill, who worked on presidential pardons in the last days of the Bush 41 administration, has even drafted a statement to accompany the pardon (see below). It’s written in perfect Obamaese, which should worry those of us who are close to Bill.

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