Islam: Some Religions are More Equal than Others

Subjugating Tulsa to Islam since 2010… Obeying the Da’wah.
“Inviting to the Way of submission and surrender to Allah.”


Justice for all, but some more than others evidently — welcome to DhimmiTulsa. Religious freedom is obviously not for Christians or others… it’s for Muslims and if you are a cop in Tulsa, you will obey and submit or be punished. So sayeth a panel of federal judges in Denver. Captain Paul Fields just lost his court battle in the Tenth Circuit, Paul Fields v. City of Tulsa, which began in 2010. Captain Fields summarily refused to attend the Masjid al-Salam Mosque in Tulsa as ordered by his superiors. He also said he would not command his officers to attend if it violated their religious beliefs. Fields was instructed to attend a ‘learning’ event at the mosque. Never mind that Captain Fields had been an outstanding police officer for 17 years… because he would not submit, he was demoted, had his pay reduced and could not be promoted for a year. The man was punished for being a Christian – in the heart of the Bible Belt no less.

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Meanwhile in Kabul



Today comes word that the White House blew the cover of the CIA station chief in Kabul by identifying him in a list submitted to Washington Post White House bureau chief Scott Wilson and other reporters covering Obama’s trip to Kabul. Wilson copied the list in the pool report that he disseminated to 6,000 recipients (“including foreign media, not taking part in the trip”) before noting the reference to the “Chief of Station” named on the list.

The Post’s Greg Miller manages to work Valierie Plame into the mix in an extremely misleading fashion before noting the recipients of the pool report with the station chief’s name. Well done, Greg. Here is the heart of Miller’s report:

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day

It’s not just a day off from work to have a BBQ, but a day to remember those we lost. The ones who gave up everything for God and Country. The ones who would do it all over again because Duty, Honor and Freedom come first. Thank you to the brave men and women who served and gave their all and may God Bless You and your families.

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What Constitutes Unreasonable Search? Our Government’s Growing Disregard for the 4th Amendment !

Less Gov is the Best Gov

The 4th Amendment states in part, “The Right of the People to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated…” It does not say that it might be violated whenever the White House thinks that it should be violated, or that it can be violated under certain circumstances with an order from a FISA Court. There are enough willful, indiscriminate violations of the 4th Amendment going on in our country right now to make even Russia’s Vladimir “Ras-Putin” blush and prompt the Kremlin to issue a public apology on behalf of the KGB for providing the official role model for our NSA. America is not living up to its reputation as the land of the free anymore, and about the only brave that are left here at home seem to be those politicians who have enough bravado or chutzpah to routinely and regularly violate our Constitution and the Bill of Rights with apparent impunity. The rest of the brave are overseas fighting wars that should have been over by now.

What the hell is the matter with some of the people that we elect and send to Washington to represent us? Do they even know who or what we should actually be afraid of and what we need to be secure from? It’s not a bunch of bearded old men in dirty robes hiding in some faraway cave in south-eastern Afghanistan. It is actually clean shaven domestic culprits in Washington  who are wearing designer suits. They are working the halls of Congress and plotting to destroy many of what’s left of our civil liberties!

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