Secret Service detail pulled off presidential post to spy on foe of … the director’s secretary

Hot Air

The latest scandal at the US Secret Service goes beyond alcohol binges and unpaid prostitutes, and directly into the realm of the abuse of power. When the personal assistant of then-Director Mark Sullivan got into a dispute with a neighbor, one with restraining orders and considerably tense feelings, Sullivan ordered agents assigned to a presidential detail to shift their attention to surveillance of the neighbor. The neighbor, a 22-year employee of the FBI, tells the Washington Post that she knew she was being watched, but couldn’t believe it when told who was watching her and her family in the rural area of La Plata, Maryland:

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300 Somali Terrorists Who Crossed the Border Still At Large Inside the U.S. (MUST SEE)

Top Right News

As we previously reported, a local news station found Border Patrol documents that indicated that thousands  of OTMs — “Other Than Mexicans” — have been caught crossing the Mexican border into the U.S., including some known terrorists.

But since that report, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has DENIED that there is any “credible evidence” that any terrorists have crossed over.

So the reporter took another look — and the evidence he found is even worse than originally revealed.

He found that 300 terrorists from the Somali Al Queda group Al-Shabaab — the group behind the terror attack at the Kenyan shopping mall last September – have entered the U.S. and are unaccounted for.

So while the U.S. media is consumed with the news of the 200 kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls — NBC News alone has run an astonishing 54 stories on their plight — there has not been a single national news report on this Somali Al Queda threat to Americans.


Brian Hayes is a former crime reporter from Tampa, FL who currently blogs about immigration issues.


Video Hoax Sweeps Media: Reports of UFO Attack on Taliban Base


The Daily Sheeple

CGI is getting rather good, in fact, maybe too good.

Amazingly a video posted on YouTube, which shows a UFO attacking an alleged Taliban base from above, has tricked many, including various news outlets worldwide.

While the video looks rather real, one must consider the advancements in modern CGI animation technologies.

Some of the sources which reported on or question the video included the Mirror, IB Times, Daily Mail and others.

Take a look for yourself.

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2013 Was Not the Fourth-Hottest Year for the United States

Global Warming or Climate Change depending on the time of year is a joke. It’s all about control. For years we listened to the government………….. you should ditch your old car and get one with better gas mileage, SUV’s are the cause of global warming. Yet, we had a cold winter, sure was glad I had my SUV, but because people did listen and bought cars with better gas mileage, they don’t have to buy as much fuel. Which means the government doesn’t get as much in taxes. And because of that, some states are thinking of a mileage tax.

  If global warming was real, then Obama should never leave DC. In order to prove this was real, he should do video chats to raise money, only play golf close to DC, keep Air Force 1 parked, you know, less of a carbon foot print. But they only been keeping record for about 150 years or so, how do they know what happened before that?

  They also can’t tell me if it is going to rain next Sunday, how can they tell be what will happen in 20 years?

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American Thinker

In the battle-space over accurate climate reporting, the climate alarmists are continuing to spread incorrect information.  For example, over at the New Republic, Rebecca Leber is reporting on the latest National Climate Assessment, and she makes the following claim:

2013 was tied for the fourth-hottest year for the United States.


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