Man who shot Ronald Reagan ‘walks free’: John Hinckley Jr allowed day release

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THE MAN who shot President Ronald Reagan is allowed to spend 17 days on release from a psychiatric hospital each month under a new court ruling, writes Mike Parker in Los Angeles.

The freedom given to failed assassin John Hinckley Jr, which includes permission to drive to his mother’s house, has sparked a storm in the US and shocked former First Lady Nancy, 92.

Hinckley, now 58, fired a hail of bullets at the late president in March 1981, in Washington, seriously wounding him. Three others were badly hurt including press secretary James Brady, now 73.

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Pro-gun group leads revolt, OK House overrides governor’s veto

By Patrick B. McGuigan | Oklahoma Watchdog

OKLAHOMA CITY – The state House of Representatives on Wednesday voted, 87-3, to enact a pro-gun measure — one of the 15 House bills Gov. Mary Fallin vetoed Tuesday.


FALLIN OVERRIDE? The Oklahoma House of Representatives voted last night, 87-3, to override Gov. Mary Fallin’s veto of a measure supported by Second Amendment advocates. The state Senate has not yet scheduled an override attempt. 

Leading the charge for the override was the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association and founder-president Tim Gillespie. In lockstep with the group, at least on this issue, was the legislative Democrat most likely to oppose Fallin in the November general election.

In an interview with Oklahoma Watchdog, Gillespie said the legislation was certainly not, as the governor said in her veto messages, of “no significant interest” to Oklahomans.

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