Department of Energy wants bulk explosives for nuclear weapons transport


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he Government buying explosives is not new. But when they do something new – that’s why we should pay attention.

In a new solicitation posted 22 April 2014, the Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Contracts and Procurement Division (CPD) is searching for a small capable of providing Integral Firing Devices and Breacher Strip Assemblies that meet specific characteristics in support of the NNSA’s Office of Secure Transportation (OST). The mission of OST is the safe and secure transportation of nuclear weapons, special nuclear materials, selected non-nuclear weapons components, limited-life components, and various other materials.

breacher strips Department of Energy wants bulk explosives for nuclear weapons transport

What use explosives for breaching?

Breaching using explosives is primarily an operation performed by highly trained experts, such as combat engineers. Breaching can be performed with a specially formed breaching charge placed in contact with the door, or with various standoff breaching devices, such as specialized rifle grenades like the SIMON breach grenade. Explosive breaching charges can range from highly focused methods, such as detcord, plastic explosives, or strip shaped charges that explosively cut through doors or latches, to large satchel charges, containing 20 pounds (9 kg) of C-4, that can breach even reinforced concrete bunkers. – Source

In this era of belt-tightening by tax payers, this solicitation is specious for many reasons.

  1. The Department of Energy has never solicited for Integral Firing Devices and Breacher Strip Assemblies in the past 10 years
  2. As the image above shows, they are requesting 9,000 units. If used once a day, this amount would last the DOE over 24 years
  3. Breaching strips are used for BREAKING into a secure building or room. If the DOE is only moving nuclear weapons/materials, they should already have the keys. No?

The DOE was very specific on the breaching materials.

  • Shall contain (Primasheet 1000) with detection agent (TAGGANT).
  • Shall be 100% lead free.
  • Strips shall be sealed in weatherproof wrap.
  • Size: ¾ inch width by 86 inch length by 0.0836 (C2)
  • Shall contain ¼ of a MK140 Booster rolled and secured with Primasheet 1000.
  • Shall use a 12 inch 54-grain Detonation Cord and Slip-on Booster (EBCO).
  • Charge shall not exceed Net Explosive Weight (NEW) of 0.3382 lbs.
  • Each Charge shall be individually wrapped in a vacuum-sealed bag and placed into a fiberboard case.
  • Must be pre-packaged in an integrated package strip.

The materials being requested, Primasheet, was ordered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in August of 2012, whereupon DHS “hid” the solicitation. Primasheet is also used in the railroad industry and for general demolition.

This solicitation is senseless.

We are broke as a country, nuclear weapons or material should not be anywhere near demolition explosives, and 9,000 units of anything is an excessive amount for training. This is more about breaching into the homes or storage units of honest citizens than it is about moving nuclear material.

And like always, Congress will be silent while the Executive Branch stocks up supplies against the citizens that pay for the weapons.

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