1. This was just a dry run. Obumma has been building up his private army(DOJ, TSA, BLM, ATF, DHS, etc.) for awhile, and by doing this they were able to assess who would show up, from where, how many, how fast, with what arms and support material, and with what mindset. Make no mistake- this isn’t over, not by a long shot. Obumma and his puppets will start back- sneaky at first- but quickly. Then things will get real nasty real fast. And it will be kept quiet, just like this whole thing has been kept under the mainstream radar. The majority of the country didn’t even know there was an issue of any kind happening, and still dont. The internet and social media is mostly responsible for getting the word out and you can bet Barry and the Boys are working on being able to block, delay, or re-route info on that area, along with trying to focus on dis-arming or locking up any and all American Citizens (A.K.A. PATRIOTS) that could stand in the way-get the real truth out-arrange for support- any and all things that would pose a “Domestic Terror” threat. Get out and get those last bit of supplies, be on your toes, watch each others back, establish multiple forms of communication, finish what you can while you can. Barry has been pushing for this so he can cement his place in Government, along with his Puppets. Sorry to say but its probably going to get much worse, but we can win. The Constitution of the United States of America and The Bill of Rights shows us and tells us how to remove a Tyrannical Government- which we currently have- and replace it with one that will restore our Country and our Republic- which is why the First AND Second Amendments are 2 of the most important Laws we live by. The Founders of our Country knew what Big Government could do and just how important those 2 Amendments were in order to battle and change it. THEY PUT THEIR HOMES, PROPERTY, ANIMALS, FORTUNES, FRIENDS, FAMILIES, AND THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE FOR OUR COUNTRY. The question becomes- what are YOU willing to put on the line for your country? Dragon already knows my answer- now tell him yours.

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