More Questions than Answers


Socialism is not the Answer

I was on my way home the other day, when I received a phone call from D1969. D1969 was on his way home traveling on a lonely back road in the Southern part of Tennessee when he came upon this truck on the side of the road. He slowed down but continued on and called me. I asked him if he took a picture of it, he said no but then turned around to take one. After taking the picture, some guy comes flying up in a Piece of Crap GMC and tried to bully D1969, wanting to know what he was doing, why he was there and so on until he noticed D had a Beretta in plane sight. Then this guy’s tone changed, he started being nice but this isn’t the end of the story.

The next time D went by the same location there were two trucks and there when he went to work the next morning he was followed by three cars. I have been told this is mobile rocket launcher used for Cruse or Patriot Missiles. So what the hell is it doing in Southern Tennessee on some back road, far away from any Military base and Guarded? If this is nothing, why was D followed?


6 thoughts on “More Questions than Answers

  1. Private corporation involved and employee trying to intimidate. Should have dropped the bastard and swap out the barrel when he got home.

    • I’ll let him know for the next time. Thanks.

      • Barrel replacement.
        Firing pin replacement or light hone and polish to remove identifying marks; If possible, replace.
        Ejector and extractor hone and polish to remove identifying marks; If possible, replace both.
        Blueprint the bolt face.
        Polish the chamber.
        Polish the feed ramp.
        All tool marks and impressions are changed.
        It was why the Mafia, would use revolvers to take empty shell casings with them, or, they would use 1911s, so they could be rebuilt as unmatchable to any previous uses.
        Hopefully the guy tailing, thought your friend was part of a Moonshine operation and that he would kill him on the spot and toss him into a ditch. Armed, keep eye contact, watch the hands if you believe any danger. Hands telegraph. If trying to spook them, look directly into their eyes and do not blink.

      • Solid advice, thanks.

      • You’re welcome.

  2. Reblogged this on Grumpa Joe's Place and commented:
    A few weeks ago there was some rumor that nuclear missiles disappeared from a military base. At the same time Senator Lindsey Graham made some curious remarks about a missile strike in South Carolina. Fascinatingly curious. What the heck are these missile launcers doing in Tennessee?

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