The Mystery Continues…..

According to news sources yesterday, the missing Malaysian jetliner was deliberately diverted. WTF? It took you a week for you people to figure that one out. I’m not a pilot but I figured that one out on day one. Now, news sources are saying that the plane could have traveled for as much as 6 hours after the locater devices were turned off. It was 4 hours, then it was 4 or 5 hours and now it is 6 hours. I’m beginning to think that some of the people in charge of this is related to Obama. If you like your plan you can keep your plan, I’m not after anyone’s guns, shovel ready jobs were not so shovel ready. Sounds like someone is having a hard time covering their butts on this screw up and they are making things up as they go along………………….just like Obama.

So here is my thought, the location of the plane could be in Pakistan, that is well within the range of travel time, and is now being fitted with explosives to create a flying bomb but this time they will only use half the people from the plane. The other half will be used for a trade. Remember,  we still have the Blind Sheikh. As for the 777 with bombs, well with the tanks full of fuel, it can travel 7,000 miles. Now there are a lot of targets within that range and with the locaters turned off that makes it harder to find them. They may have even figure out a way to turn off the device on the engine. All this while they change the logo on the plane but hey, that’s just my opinion and the best thing about that is, I’m not related to Obama.

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5 thoughts on “The Mystery Continues…..

  1. Just as discussed. Very Good

    • They’re saying as much as 8 hours now. Hell, tomorrow they will probably say they thing the plane is still flying.

  2. It WILL all come out. For some reason, he screws up…or someone on his staff screws up by bragging, leaking, or ….. IT WILL ALL COME OUT.

  3. As long as it isn’t too late already……

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