Hard to feel sympathy for Democrats who didn’t read or understand Obama Care


American Thinker

The Florida election confirms that ObamaCare is a problem for Democrats no matter how much we hear that Mrs Sink “sank” for other reasons. It will be really hard to blame this on the Koch brothers!

The Democrats have two problems in 2014. 

The first one is cyclical, as Josh Kraushaar reminds us:

“The results are a clear warning sign to Senate Democrats, whose majority is threatened thanks to a Republican-friendly map and a national environment that’s tilted in the GOP’s favor. At least seven Democratic-held Senate seats are being contested in states more conservative than the Florida House battleground. Conservative groups, led by Americans for Prosperity, are already airing ads blasting Democratic senators for their support of Obamacare, and their attacks have negatively impacted the incumbents’ poll numbers.”

The second problem is just plain bad governance, or the often mentioned ‘they didn’t read the bill” complaint.

In other words, not a single Democrat stood up in 2009 and said: Stop in the name of common sense!  Stop and let’s make sure that we understand this massive bill! 

Why didn’t a single Democrat do that? 

My guess is that they were afraid to challenge the first black president and risk the ire of blacks in their state. 

My second guess is that they all bet on Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts voting “no” rather than “yes”.

Either way, they are stuck with a law and all of its unintended consequences.  However, I don’t feel sorry for any of them.  This is what happens when you don’t understand or read something you’re voting for..

3 thoughts on “Hard to feel sympathy for Democrats who didn’t read or understand Obama Care

  1. An old lawyer trick was used to get that HCB passed…
    “Paper them to Death.”
    Why do I know that?
    I worked for lawyers for years. If a “little guy” had a valid case against a huge law firm…the law firm would send them so much to absorb…that to fight back one of two things would have to happen.:
    1) It IS referred to as “Paper Them To Death.”
    They would ask for so many, many documents that a small law firm couldn’t keep up with the “legal demand” for Discovery. They either had to borrow $ to pay more people to work the case, or sign an agreement for a specific amount of $ and let it go;
    2) “Guess We’ll Have to Pass It To See What’s In It.” Pelosi.

    Any lawyer would have demanded a delay in order to read the HCB.
    It wouldn’t have been that hard. Divide the 2,500 pages (right?) up between each person to read an “X” amount of pages.
    Each one of those representatives have staff that the pages could have been divided up between the staff members…and told to “highlight” specific issues that would be seen as a problem.

    Then you meet back for each person to report what was within the huge document.

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