One thought on “REGISTER NOTHING!

  1. Background Checks I agree with. Gun Registration, Magazine Registration, Ammo type and amount, they have no business knowing unless I am a Felon(With a weapon or Aggressive Background)- or- I want Automatic Weapons or Explosives(And even then Im not convinced they have the right to know), also considered Class III Weapons. We, as loyal- law abiding-properly trained and dedicated-American Citizens have the right to be just as well armed as the Military AND Law Enforcement per the Constitution and Bill of Rights, for we are the last line of defense for this country. We are the “Well Organized Militia”. We are the reason Japan DID NOT attempt to invade our land- for in the words of the WWII Japanese Admiral at the time-“There would be a rifle behind EVERY BLADE OF GRASS”. It seems as if our enemies know our rights better than our own “Representatives”, Government Officials, and current “President”(Which is highly disputable). What does that say for “US”- the Patriotic American Citizen?

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