Illegal Aliens Invade Military Base


The parasitical facehugger calling itself our government not only can’t keep foreign invaders out of our country, it can’t even keep them out of Fort Huachuca, a military base that is home to the US Army Intelligence Center and the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command. Watch in horror what happens when children are put in charge of the grownups:

Moonbats are invited to strain their imaginations. What if not all of the hundreds of illegal aliens passing over our border and through Fort Huachuca are put-upon landscape workers oppressed by ethnocentricity? What if some of them aren’t even Mexicans?

3 thoughts on “Illegal Aliens Invade Military Base

  1. This took me five minutes to draw this up:
    1) Have those that are already here — register (just like our ancestors did at Ellis Island);
    ​2​) Background checks are a MUST;
    3) After they register, they MUST attend classes to learn to read and speak English (most community colleges offer classes);
    4) They must learn the Constitution; Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence (and be tested);
    5) They must then go before a judge to be sworn in as an American Citizen.
    6) The men “must” join the Military if he is under 30 years of age.
    7) They must have a health Check
    The adults will NEVER receive Social Security benefits because they have not paid into it.
    They are NOT to receive food stamps for the same reason. They have never paid into the system to warrant receiving food stamps.
    8) Put the Military on the border. Place signs at every major path where they come into the U.S. Also run ads in all the major newspapers; and give a press release to every major TV station in Mexico.

    IF shot crossing the border “illegally, any lawsuits will not be accepted in any U.S. court.

    Individuals who hire illegals will be fined $25,000 per person (prior to this, the fine was only $250 here in Texas;
    Corporations who hire illegals will be fined $50,0 ​0​0​​ per person;

    It is illegal to house illegals. It is already in law that Real Estate Sales Reps as well as apartments cannot rent to them. They do anyway. FINE THEM MUCH MORE HEAVILY and if it is the 2nd offense, they should lose their real estate license and/or be put in jail.

    Community Colleges allow them to register for school. They should also be heavily fined.

    To stop the illegals (and dope runners) from crossing the borders, put the Military on the border. Prior to ​ that, run an ad in every major newspaper in Mexico, Central America that they will be shot if caught trying to cross the border. NO LAW SUITS WILL BE HONORED BY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    And, YES, there will be profiling…Anyone who is a U.S. citizen will NOT have a problem proudly showing their Drivers License, correct legal papers; or any other proof. THEY ARE, AFTER ALL, INVADING OUR COUNTRY and this has to be stopped and they will agree with us.

  2. The only way amnesty will work, is if Mexico is annexed as a Territory of the United States. Then everything falls into place. Tell the Mexican president he will be a governor, and the governors regional or district governors. It can, work. The Vigilantes should be given full US citizenship first, if this were to be an annexation of Mexico. Mexico is under developed. Coastlines, fisheries, oil, mineral wealth. Investors and corporations could make money and employ people. There would be a shortage of people at that point.
    The Mexican and Hispanic Conservatives are reading and posting on my blog. They are insulted that everyone wants them to remain dependent on welfare and food stamps. They are not Conservative, they are Ultra-Conservative. No excuses given nor accepted. Old School people.

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