The American Political System is About to Implode

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The Obama Administration is in a death spiral, mortally wounded by its own messianic left-wing ideology, naiveté, incompetence, lawlessness and persistent lying.

Barack Obama aspired to be Jesus by acting like Stalin.

For a change, let’s start being honest about the shameful condition of our political system. If the Constitution and the rule of law had been enforced, instead of the tenets of political correctness, Obama would have already resigned, been impeached or he may not have been elected at all.

The explanation for such a radical deviation from what the Founding Fathers had envisioned is quite simple. Contrary to what John Adams wrote, The United States is no longer a republic, it is now a government of men, not a government of laws.

Today politicians consider themselves not servants of the people, but celebrities or even royalty deserving of power, privilege and the fawning admiration of the public.

Under a government of men, whenever the interests of politicians divert from or are in conflict with those of the people, the step to tyranny is a small one.

The strategy of the present American political system is to protect the corrupt political status quo. It would indeed embarrass both the Democrat and Republicans leadership, if the truth was revealed about the violations of the Constitution, the contempt for the rule of law and how representative government has been perverted in order to perpetuate a system from which only a few benefit at the expense of many.

Democrats lie to protect Barack Obama and the administration’s flawed policies. Republicans lie to preserve its pretense as an opposition party. The media lie to protect their financial investment in both.

It is not a characteristic of a republic, but a dystopia, where truth becomes a commodity of an oligarchy, which can be erased and rewritten whenever it suits the convenience and desires of a “government” of perfidious men.

All men of their times, think of their time as unique. They are wrong because the nature of man is constant.

The year 2014 could easily be 1775, just prior to the start of the armed conflict in America and the year John Adams wrote his Novanglus Essays, which laid out the American position on the natural rights of individual Americans.


In Novanglus Essay No. II, addressed to the inhabitants of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay on January 30, 1775, Adams described a scheme by which colonial officials would create a tax system, sanctioned by the British Parliament, granting large salaries to themselves for the following purpose:

“And thus, the whole government, executive and judicial, was to be rendered wholly independent of the people, (and their representatives rendered useless, insignificant, and even burthensome,) and absolutely dependent upon, and under the direction of the will of the minister of state.”

In response to that scheme, American patriot Benjamin Franklin wrote:

“That the people always bear the burden best, when they have, or think they have, some share in the direction.”

Where the colonial officials failed our present-day politicians have succeeded.

Fueled by an endless stream of tax revenues and ever-increasing debt, the federal government has become an entity unto itself operating for private power and profit outside of Constitutional constraints and unaccountable to the American people. It is controlled by a relatively small group of politicians and financiers and facilitated by a compliant media that both feeds off the corrupt political system and sustains it by manipulating public perception and opinion.

The federal government has become a separate political ecosystem divorced from the people and increasingly divorced from reality.

There are only two paths left for the country to take, wholesale political change or national collapse.

An appropriate rallying cry for the 2014 election would be “it’s the corruption, stupid.”

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