U.S. Increasing Military Presence In Jordan, Analyst Says


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Only there as observers and advisers.

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The U.S. intends to build up its military presence in Jordan in an attempt to exert more control over the current situations in Syria and Lebanon, a political analyst tells Press TV. mi “The U.S. has continued to build its military capability in Jordan… Under the guise of a humanitarian operation, the United States is putting full combat command inside Jordan,” said Gordon Duff in a Sunday interview with Press TV.

“One of the reasons behind this is not only the issue in Syria, but the increasing meltdown that’s being orchestrated within Lebanon,” he noted.

The analyst argued that the U.S. is considering a military role in the region, as Israel has no capability to operate in Lebanon again.

In early February, Jordanian media reported that a U.S. airplane loaded with weapons and ammunition planned to reach the foreign-backed militants operating in Syria landed in the Mafraq Airport, some 80 kilometers north of the capital, Amman.

It has also been disclosed that a new group of 1,500 gunmen have completed training in a center in Jordan for fighting in Syria and are now ready to join thousands of other rebels in the war-torn country.

In January, U.S. security officials disclosed news on the secret endorsement of a bill by Congress to fund weapons shipments to the opposition in Syria through Jordan.

The weapons, including a variety of small arms, as well as some more powerful weapons, such as anti-tank rockets, is flowing to what the U.S. calls the “moderate” militants fighting in the south of the country.

After DHS Denial, Local News Station Finds Evidence Terrorists

Terrorists Exploit Open Border
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It is no secret that the southern border is deliberately left under-defended, so that ever more Third World peasants can be imported to shore up the Democrat base. What is less well known is who is coming across the border other than car wash employees and welfare colonists. Watch this while you can; when the open border results in a major terror attack, this clip may disappear:

Congressional Hearing Scheduled for 30 fallen Heroes Killed in Shoot Down of Extortion 17

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Karen and Billy Vaughn lost their SEAL son, Aaron, in 2011 in Afghanistan along with 16 other Navy SEALs. SEALs afghanistan

This combo shows the 30 troops killed in a helicopter downing in Afghanistan on Saturday, Aug. 6, 2011. The Pentagon on Thursday, Aug. 11, 2011 identified the Americans as 17 members of the elite Navy SEALs, five Naval Special Warfare personnel who support the SEALs, three Air Force Special Operations personnel and an Army helicopter crew of five. (AP Photo)

At the funeral service in Afghanistan an Islamic cleric disparaged in Arabic the memory of these servicemen by damning them as infidels to Allah.

On May 9, 2013, Billy and Karen Vaughn and other families of fallen American heroes held a press conference demanding a Congressional Hearing to investigate the death of their sons in the military operation, commonly referred to as Extortion 17.

Their cries have been heard. Americans all across the nation banded together with the Vaughns, and on February 27th, Congress will hold a one-day hearing on the devastating details behind the fatal operation leading to the death of 30 Americans.

On August 6, 2011, a U.S. Boeing CH-47D Chinook military helicopter, carrying special operations officers sent to reinforce Army Rangers under fire, was shot down in the Wardak Province, Afghanistan, killing 30 of our soldiers – 22 of whom were part of Navy SEAL Team VI; the team who took down Osama Bin Laden.

Only months before, Vice-President Joe Biden betrayed Navy SEAL Team VI after publically crediting them to the killing of Osama Bin Laden. This put members of the special ops community, and their families, in grave danger.

The shoot down of Extortion 17 resulted in the greatest loss of U.S. military lives in a single incident in the twelve-year war in Afghanistan that began in 2001, and the greatest single loss in the history of the Navy SEALs.

The Vaughns, parents of slain U.S. Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn, demanded answers from military leaders and the Obama administration after reading the 1,200-page heavily redacted document provided to them after their son’s death.

Questions demanding to be answered during the Congressional Hearing will include:

– Why our special operations forces were sent into an active battle zone in an outdated Chinook transport helicopter, as opposed to the MH47’s with which they trained. – Why the U.S. military has permitted the Afghan military and police to be part of every planned military operation executed in this war on terror. – Why our military’s rules of engagement under Obama’s administration has caused the casualty rate of our American heroes to skyrocket.

After the hearing on February 27th, America will be one step closer to saving the lives of future men and women who answer the call to serve our nation.

Refugee Jihad: Hundreds of Syrian Refugees Arriving in North Jersey – Thousands More Expected

 Freedom Outpost

The only Syrians we should be allowing into this country are the Christian Syrians who are being slaughtered en masse by jihadist forces. Who is vetting these Syrian Muslims? Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood picks at the DoS? How many of these “refugees” are battle-hardened jihadists? Hostile invaders?

“Syrians by the ‘hundreds’ arriving in North Jersey, thousands more expected in 2015 and 2016″ By Ann Corcoran, February 21, 2014

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Hey Barry……

Hey Barry......

For years I have listened to you state one lie after another. Lies about Obamacare, Global Warming, Gun Control, Shovel Ready Jobs, and the one about how you will not rest till this problem is solved. How many times did you say that one and then go play golf? At last count you have played at least 162 rounds since you have been in office. Do you ever work? Sorry, stupid question, we both know you don’t, you just go out and spend other peoples money.

We are a Nation of Laws, not a nation of men and have been for over 200 years which is why we have a US Constitution and We the People don’t like it when a Marxist/Progressive/Liberal thinks he can walk all over it anytime he wants. Congress may not have the balls to say anything to you but I will. You want to be a Dictator……..I hear they are taking reservations for a trip to Mars. Hell, I’ll even help you pack.

I’m 1 Dragon and that’s my opinion.

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Mark Levin: Obama Administration Using The Law Against Us Is The Definition Of Tyranny

Real Clear Poltics

MARK LEVIN: The FCC, call it whatever you want, Barack Obama’s henchman, Barack Obama’s comrades, there, that’s right, all over the federal government have hijacked the institutions of government and are now turning them on the people. Whether it’s the EPA, or the Department of Justice, the Interior Department, NOAA, this, that or the other, they’re using the government, they are using a law against us. Which is the definition of tyranny.

They have abused the First Amendment with wiretaps, and other forms of government action against the media in this country and the media in this country apparently is sadistic. As long as their guy is doing it, well then, do it. So the media in this country no longer stands for free anything. Free speech, free press, any of it. It is the Praetorian guard media — as I’ve been saying for years — protecting this president, protecting his ideology because the people in the media, for the most part, are of the same ilk.

No respect for the rule of law. No respect for the constitution. Now they’ll use those things to attack Republican presidents, but they don’t give a damn about it when it comes to a radical leftist like Obama. And so it is necessary to remind ourselves who we are, what our power is, what our heritage is as we fight what is increasingly the battle that the Framers fought against tyranny. (Mark Levin Show, February 20, 2014)

Obama’s New Asylum Decree Favors Muslims Over Christians

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Obama’s New Asylum Decree Favors Muslims Over Christians Egyptian Coptic Christians protest a spate of recent attacks on Christians and churches in Cairo. AP View Enlarged Image Immigration: As President Obama offers asylum to “minor” terrorists providing “limited” material support to terrorism, he’s slamming shut the door on thousands of Christians fleeing terrorism in Muslim lands like Egypt. In another end-run around Congress, President Obama has unilaterally eased immigration requirements for foreigners linked to terrorism. He ordered the State Department and Homeland Security to ignore a post-9/11 law barring entry to those giving political or charitable aid to Hamas and other known terrorist groups.

A dozen years after the horrific attacks on our nation by foreign Islamic terrorists, the Obama administration has decided a little support to foreign Islamic terrorists is OK. Treasonous as it sounds, the president is following through on a little-noticed overture he made to Muslims in his Cairo speech of 2009, when he suggested he’d relax enforcement of material support laws involving “zakat,” or Islamic charitable giving. He basically apologized for the Bush administration’s locking up the founders of the largest Muslim charity in America for sending millions to “zakat committees” linked to Hamas. Of course, his move weakens, yet again, America’s security. By exempting five kinds of limited material support for terrorism, Obama instantly purges more than 4,000 suspects from the U.S. terror watch list and opens our borders up to both them and their families. Not to worry, Homeland Security says, it’ll run additional security checks before letting them in. Oh? Like the checks run on the Tsarnaev family, who also got into the country on asylum claims? Those security checks? Forgive the survivors and the families of those who died in the Boston bombings if they’re not reassured.

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We Will Not Be Disarmed – We the People are the Militia


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“To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace.”

– President George Washington

America knows that one great obstacle this criminal administration is trying to get over is the disarming of the American people. If it is not President Barack Hussein Obama blaming the American people for the crimes he and his administration are responsible for committing in Mexico, then it is his sidekick, Attorney General Eric Holder, trying to teach the media to brainwash America’s young.

In concert they have an ally and fellow minion, the relentless criminal from New York, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is assaulting the second amendment rights of those in other states within our union.

If only the American people would take the time to pull back the curtain on these criminals, we would find that they are neck deep in crimes against “We the People.” We would find that we have an outlaw wanting to rule the law abiders by any means necessary.

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Farrakhan Asks Obama To Open Area 51 To Prove Existence of Giant UFO That Will Destroy White America…


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Alright, who’s the prankster that slipped mescaline into Farrakhan’s lunch?

Via Open Minds:

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan asked that President Obama open up Area 51 to scientists in a sermon he gave on Saturday, February 15. It was the last of a yearlong sermon series titled, “Time and What Must Be Done.”

Farrakhan has often referred to a UFO he calls the Mother Wheel, which according to The New Yorker, he describes as a “heavily armed spaceship the size of a city that will rain destruction upon white America, but save those who embrace the Nation of Islam.”

In his recent sermon Farrakhan said, “We believe our words that we have shared on the presence of the Wheel could help the president and America to avert Allah’s warning of chastisement and destruction if America does not bow down.”

Apparently his suggestion to open Area 51 to scientist would help in those efforts, somehow.