US Removes Syria’s Al-Nusra Front Leader from Terror List

TEHRAN (FNA)- The United States in a shocking move removed the leader of the Al-Qaeda’s main militant group in Syria, the Al-Nusra Front, from its blacklist of most wanted terrorist organizations.

The US Justice Department removed Abu Mohammad al-Julani, head of the al-Nusra Front, the branch of Al-Qaeda fighting against President Bashar al-Assad in Syria, from its most wanted terrorist list, the report said, press tv reported.

In December 2013, Washington blacklisted the Al-Nusra Front for taking responsibility for most of the terrorist bombings in Syria.

Foreign-sponsored militancy in Syria, which erupted in March 2011, has claimed the lives of many people, including large numbers of Syrian soldiers and security personnel.

The West has been widely criticized for its double standards when it comes to dealing with terrorist groups.

While Al-Qaeda-linked groups have been listed as terrorist entities under sanctions by the United Nations, militants in Syria, including those belonging to Al-Nusra Front, have been receiving all forms of support from the West.

Al-Nusra Front has been behind many of the deadly bombings targeting both civilians and government institutions across Syria since the beginning of the violence.

More than 100,000 people have been killed since the beginning of the conflict in Syria. The prolonged militancy has also forced millions of Syrians to flee their homes.

3 thoughts on “US Removes Syria’s Al-Nusra Front Leader from Terror List

  1. I guess Barry will do what he needs to in order to protect his Muslim Brothers- which includes lieing to Infidels(That’s Us)- no matter the cost.

    • Actually he is protecting himself. This way he can give them aid without being charged with giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

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