Weird… California City of 150,000 Rolls Out Armored Death Machine Complete with Machine Gun Turret

Gateway Pundit

Welcome to Salinas, California. It’s a community of only 150,000 people and the owner of the military assault death machine. salinas po death machine

That’s right, a city of less than a quarter million owns a rolling death machine complete with a machine gun turret on top. What the hell would they need that for?

Here’s another shot of the armored monster.
salinas rescue vehicle

The Salinas Police Department made its new armored rescue vehicle available for public viewing on Tuesday in front of City Hall. Police said the ARV, acquired and customized at very low cost to the city, will provide protection and rescue capabilities to officers and civilians in high-risk situations. (The Californian)

The vehicle was obtained through the US government’s 1033 program established as a means of reallocating government equipment for use by law enforcement.

Kung Fu Quip has more on the militarization of police forces.

8 thoughts on “Weird… California City of 150,000 Rolls Out Armored Death Machine Complete with Machine Gun Turret

  1. Find out who got the most payola building that piece of shit. It will sit doing nothing until some police buddies need some more hours in their paycheck to train how to kill people. Find out how many paychecks it takes to screw with the piece of shit 1

  2. I don’t understand… Have YOU ever tried to kill 150,000 people? It makes sense to Me. It’s just not as Easy as Stalin and Mao made it look.

  3. Id bet that the DHS,TSA,FBI,DEA,ATF,SS(SECRET SERVICE-astounding the resemblance is to WWII),FEMA,and a few other agencies have a spare set of keys and a signed order of commandeering.

  4. Id also bet the same is true for EVERY VEHICLE they have supplied- knowing that local Law Enforcement cant be depended on to violate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights-so they are happily, willingly, and “affordably” making these vehicles available to local Law Enforcement Agencies in areas they deem are necessary. Quite Strategically I might add. Take a close look at just where these type of vehicles are popping up across the country-a very close look-and you will find a pattern emerges.

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