Connecticut Threatening Gun Confiscation by Force

The Free Patriot

If you’ve been following the crisis in Connecticut, you’re well aware that thousands and thousands of state residents who went to bed law-abiding, and woke up a felon. Gov. Malloy continues to press his states approximately 100K plus residents who have refused to register their so-called “assault weapons” and “high-capacity” magazines. Quite recently I wrote an open letter to the Governor, and it’s very obvious it’s fallen on deaf ears. 

Connecticut is now sending out the first batch of 100 plus letters to law-abiding gun owners. In the largest act of civil disobedience CT has ever seen, it appears that the state is now giving gun owners an ultimatum. “Lose the guns or go to jail!” It’s very disheartening that a state Governor is willing to risk starting the next American Revolution to force compliance with an unconstitutional law.

That being said, it’s just a matter of time until blood is spilled over this lunacy. At some point, the state will command the CT police officers to forcibly confiscate. I’m imploring the state to repeal this law immediately, but sadly the chances of that appear grim at best.

So the next best thing is to address the Connecticut LEO’s. As a former LEO myself, I raised my right hand and swore the same oath, to protect and defend the Constitution. As a LEO, it feels good to lock up the “bad guys.” But who’s the bad guys here? Is it the family man who woke up a felon one morning because he didn’t comply with an unconstitutional law, or is it the lawmakers who seem overly anxious to test the power of MOLON LABE, no matter what the cost? As a peace officer, I implore you to honor your oath, to protect the citizens of Connecticut, and not wrongfully imprison them. Being a peace officer is about keeping the peace, serving the states residents, and upholding the Constitution. Don’t allow corrupt politicians serving their own agenda to influence what you know in your heart to be wrong. If all Connecticut LEO’s can unite on this, Gov. Malloy’s ridiculous law might as well be written on toilet paper!


4 thoughts on “Connecticut Threatening Gun Confiscation by Force

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    Should the governor of Connecticut decide to go through with forcible house-by-house searching it will lead to shooting and loss of lives. The question to be pondered is whether or not such a grave risk is prudent, unless it is to cover some type of FALSE FLAG OPERATION that has been practiced and bolstered through drama and theatrics. Sandy Hook Elementary School, in that case would be revealed as many have be claiming, as a False Flag Operation perpetrated by the government. Possibility exists that should there be violence, it will only spread, then what of, property damage, physical injury, serious physical injury, and death, resulting?

  2. Well maybe the PEOPLE should go to his mansion and take him out ! No governor no problem ! Lets see how many people go to jail before he gets his dirty ass busted by the U. S. A. !

  3. Many people are prepared to fight and die before they try to take guns.The shit will hit the fan in this country.He is a little piece of shit with a big ego and mouth,

  4. I can assure the citizens of Connecticut they are not alone. Should this happen, you will have immediate support with much more only a few hours away.

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