U.S. Increasing Military Presence In Jordan, Analyst Says


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Only there as observers and advisers.

Via Worldpress

The U.S. intends to build up its military presence in Jordan in an attempt to exert more control over the current situations in Syria and Lebanon, a political analyst tells Press TV. mi “The U.S. has continued to build its military capability in Jordan… Under the guise of a humanitarian operation, the United States is putting full combat command inside Jordan,” said Gordon Duff in a Sunday interview with Press TV.

“One of the reasons behind this is not only the issue in Syria, but the increasing meltdown that’s being orchestrated within Lebanon,” he noted.

The analyst argued that the U.S. is considering a military role in the region, as Israel has no capability to operate in Lebanon again.

In early February, Jordanian media reported that a U.S. airplane loaded with weapons and ammunition planned to reach the foreign-backed militants operating in Syria landed in the Mafraq Airport, some 80 kilometers north of the capital, Amman.

It has also been disclosed that a new group of 1,500 gunmen have completed training in a center in Jordan for fighting in Syria and are now ready to join thousands of other rebels in the war-torn country.

In January, U.S. security officials disclosed news on the secret endorsement of a bill by Congress to fund weapons shipments to the opposition in Syria through Jordan.

The weapons, including a variety of small arms, as well as some more powerful weapons, such as anti-tank rockets, is flowing to what the U.S. calls the “moderate” militants fighting in the south of the country.

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