Hey Barry……

Hey Barry......

For years I have listened to you state one lie after another. Lies about Obamacare, Global Warming, Gun Control, Shovel Ready Jobs, and the one about how you will not rest till this problem is solved. How many times did you say that one and then go play golf? At last count you have played at least 162 rounds since you have been in office. Do you ever work? Sorry, stupid question, we both know you don’t, you just go out and spend other peoples money.

We are a Nation of Laws, not a nation of men and have been for over 200 years which is why we have a US Constitution and We the People don’t like it when a Marxist/Progressive/Liberal thinks he can walk all over it anytime he wants. Congress may not have the balls to say anything to you but I will. You want to be a Dictator……..I hear they are taking reservations for a trip to Mars. Hell, I’ll even help you pack.

I’m 1 Dragon and that’s my opinion.

Photo via Jack Brummet

2 thoughts on “Hey Barry……

  1. Ill be more than happy to strap a rocket to his ass and point it to Mars- just so I can help

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