Mars Is Un-Islamic! Jihad Declared Against Red Planet

Gateway Pundit

#WarOnScience: Going to Mars is un-Islamic.

mars planet

Not content with their world war against the so-called “infidel” on earth, Muslims have declared jihad against Mars.

A Fatwa has been issued against living on Mars by clerics who say that trying to live there would be un-Islamic.

The fatwa – or ruling – was issued by the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowment (GAIAE) in the UAE after the Mars One organisation announced that it would try and establish a permanent human settlement on Mars.

The committee argued that trying to dwell on the planet would be so hazardous as to be suicidal and killing oneself is not permitted by Islam.

Will any leading Muslim organizations that are not completely insane come out to contradict this backward ignorant edict? Or is it a massive majority of muslims who are declaring war on science?

Maybe this is their way of laying the groundwork to propose moving Israel and the Jews to Mars?

5 thoughts on “Mars Is Un-Islamic! Jihad Declared Against Red Planet

  1. there goes the plan to tell them that if they move there, they can rule it with shariah law!

  2. This is what happens when there is inbreeding for 1,400 years.

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