The Obama Cult—Will you drink the Kool Aid?



There are over 5000 active cults in America but the biggest and most deadly of these is The Obama Cult, headed by Barack Hussein Obama.  The Obama-Church/Cult follows classic Cult strategies and steps to draw, trap and keep Cult members inside the fenced work and playground, doing what Obama bids.

Classic Cult strategies The Obama Cult uses

All Pseudo-Christian Cults redefine morals and Salvation as it suits them.  The Obama Cult does this in spades.

Obama, a Christian poser, violates and changes the core spiritual, moral and traditional message of America.  He has turned the real Christian and Salvation message of the Holy Bible into a ’ social-redistribution of wealth’  gospel.  There is no sin or right and wrong left, except how he defines it.  He supports abortion of all kinds and gay marriage while paving the road for Islam and its agenda to infiltrate and take over America. Christians and their rights can be damned.

Obama rejects and ignores the Holy Bible and U.S. Constitution and has from the beginning of his reign.  You cannot listen to his words and sound bites.  Just look at his actions. He covers his steps of crime and assault against the American people by forcing down our throats the ’ Obama statement of faith’  that we must observe or be persecuted and destroyed by his SS—the NSA, Homeland Security, IRS and other Government departments, now with endless guns and ammo.


Obama statement of Faith

  • Worship, trust and Obey Obama, then Allah of Islam—In that order
  • Do whatever feels good as long as it serves Obama and his agenda
  • There is no right or wrong—no sin, only Internationalism and redistribution of wealth.
  • Salvation and eternal life is ONLY for those who worship and serve Obama.  Jesus Christ is not the author of salvation or the gatekeeper.  Obama is.
  • There is no family sovereignty, no God sovereignty and no State sovereignty, ONLY Obama sovereignty.
  • All who reject Obama’ s message and statement of faith will be pursued and destroyed.

The Obama Cult pursues separateness

Obama, like all cult leaders demonizes core values, real spirituality and relationships with any groups or people who stand against him.  We are to be separate unto him and be divided from our morals, our parents, our faith and our past.  Remember Obama and Holder pitching and supporting  ’ race wars’  by looking the other way regarding the voter intimidation and threats of the Black Panthers, standing with many ’ criminal and dangerous blacks, while Holder ignores  attacks on whites by blacks.

The Obama Cult breaks down the personality and core essence of America and her members.

Cult leaders, traffickers and pimps are all known for their combo of attacks. They emotionally, spiritually and sexually assault their victims.   They literally shred the personality and will into submission and only when the confused and ’ half in half out’  person feels like desperate dirt and submits to the leader, do the compliments, rewards and comforts come.  Members are now trained in a love-hate relationship but ALWAYS submissive relationship with the bully and boss.  Rewards, punishment, twisting and controls are life now.  You belong to Obama or no one.

Obama is the classic cult leader who has been breaking down the American personality—our love for freedom, exceptionalism and for God.  Obama beats us down by lifting up evil, creating false flag events and invented reasons to steal our rights.  He chronically and arrogantly lies to our faces while beating us down with regulations, UN Constitutional laws and executive orders. 

Obama is the worst cult leader, pimp and trafficker of all.  The suffering masses look around in wonderment as to what to do now, where to go for help when the House and Senate appear like an Obama controlled cesspool of compromise.  Does America just let Obama continue to beat us down and remake us in his image?  Does America drink the Kool Aid?  Will real conservatives throw the Kool Ad down and run for office in 2014 and 2016? 

The Obama Cult is run by a passionate and controlling leader who identifies himself as above all others—Barack Hussein Obama

All cults are run by a charismatic and narcissistic leader who believes he or she has a special line to God and power over all others.  That is why they run things, make and enforce the rules, reward and punish at will.  From the beginning, Obama has bypassed congress wherever he can and run the country through regulations and executive orders.  He has used his czars as dictatorship extension hammers and bypassed  Congress in every way possible.  He knows he is the first ’ black’  President which apparently allows him to do everything he wants without a check anywhere.  He is above all others.  He is the Obama Cult leader.

America throw the Kool Aid down remake your vision of what America and freedom is.

Stand boldly against Obama—not a black man. 

We have a chance to break free of this Obama Cult and start healing.  To do this we must first be able to define evil and danger and stand against it.  Obama IS evil and will completely destroy our lives and country if we continue to be stuck on ’ coward’  and stuck on ’ stupid.’   We can no longer swallow the race bait bull rot that we are racists if we dare stand against Obama. 

I could care less what color Obama is but I do care that he is breaking laws, violating our freedoms and Constitution, flipping off his middle finger to our Judeo Christian values and heritage. He is creating scandal after scandal and using Government agencies like the NSA, Homeland Security, EPA and IRS for evil and terror against the people. 

It is time to shut this cult down and everyone rip up your membership card while you can.  It is time to fight for America, clean house with the 2014 and 2016 elections then build back America.  No more building and worshiping the progressive Obama cult—that can go straight back to hell where it came from.

5 thoughts on “The Obama Cult—Will you drink the Kool Aid?

  1. It’s all SATANIC to destroy the USA and then the world for Satan.

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