The April 16th Electrical Power Grid Attack – Connecting the Iranian Dots


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It has been publicly acknowledged since 9/11 that Iran has hundreds of agents scattered throughout the United States.  Since that time, there have been many suspicious incidents involving Iranians, with diplomatic immunity, surveilling U.S. infrastructure, including the filming of the New York subway tracks and Grand Central Station, the photographing of New York City landmarks, including bridges and tunnels, and the casing of water lines and heliport landing areas, to name a few.  

These incidents lead to speculation of possible Iranian involvement in the April 16th attack on the transformers in San Jose.  

(NOTE:  This attack occurred on the same day as the Boston Marathon bombing).  

Here are the basics of the electrical power grid attack:

At around 1 A.M. on April 16th, several individuals using high-powered rifles shot over 100 rounds at the radiators of 17 transformers at the San Jose Sub Station, which supplies power to the Silicon Valley.  This particular tactic – aiming at the radiators – was employed so that the transformers wouldn’t be knocked out instantly.  Instead, as the cooling fluid gradually leaked out of the transformers, they would overheat over time, giving the perpetrators time to get away before police arrived.  Most likely, there were lookouts as the attackers left one minute before law enforcement were on the scene. 

Prior to the attack, the culprits lifted a couple of heavy man hole covers to access the fiber optic communication lines so that no timely reporting of the incident could take place. A car with headlights shining on the site was noticed after the attack.  There is speculation that the terrorists were observing the results of their actions and the response that resulted. 

U.S. Navy Seals viewed the site after the incident and commented on its professional execution.  They surmised that an earlier team had gone in to situate rocks indicating the best lines of fire.  The Seals observed that the operation was performed following the type of guidelines they themselves would use in such an attack.

There are two interpretations of the electrical grid attack of April 16th:

1)  This was a dry run for a future massive attack.

2)  This was the real thing that would have taken down the entire Silicon Valley and San Francisco if it hadn’t been for the quick thinking and action of alert PG&E technicians who rerouted power around the site.

An important observation:  There is a critical implied threat here that the U.S. dare not interfere with Iran’s nuclear development.  The implications for serious action on U.S. soil are clear.  

NOTE:  The prime movers behind the recent change in U.S. laws to allow those involved in “a little bit of terrorism” to come into the country have included Mohammed Magid (president of ISNA and imam of the ADAMS mosque), who sits on Obama’s Homeland Security Advisory Committee, and Sohail Kahn, a Muslim Brotherhood operative who has infiltrated the conservative movement through his affiliation with Grover Norquist.  This new ruling codifies the position that these people don’t have to be concerned about being prosecuted for funding terrorism.  This is in line with Obama’s 2009 statement in Cairo that he would remove obstacles to the practice of zakat.


10 thoughts on “The April 16th Electrical Power Grid Attack – Connecting the Iranian Dots

  1. They don’t care. I saw three males in a black Lincoln Town Car, filming a bridge at about 4am when I exited the Cross Island Parkway. I stopped and pulled over. They got in the car and left. I walked to a little white booth under the bridge, and what do I find? A uniformed officer sleeping. I wake him up, and all he is concerned about is that they left. Nothing else. The place is being cased, and nobody cares. It’s all a joke. You know what? Let it happen.

    • They will blame Bush.

      • That’s all they know, point fingers, and blame someone else. No integrity.

      • I think it’s due to lack of brains.

      • A bit more than that, it’s attributed to a lack of moral character. Years ago, grown ups, would slap a kids face for something close to what they do, and it wasn’t necessarily a parent. The liberal “don’t touch my kid or I’ll sue” people caused the children of the generation to grow to be animals lacking anything redeemable and certainly having no soul or God to answer to, so they do as they please, believing they are some sort of mini-god/idol. The USMC had a real surefire way of curing any of that, before you graduated Parris Island. Probably still do.

      • I’ll go along with that but lack of brains is due to all the drugs they did during their hippy years, which destroyed any moral character they may have had to begin with, and that probably wasn’t much.

      • I would say, that about sums it up.

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  3. NSA was more interested in spying on U.S. Citizens than protecting the country….OR, was this allowed to happen?

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