MUST SEE>>> Manuel Martinez, Fled Castro’s Cuba, DESTROYS Oregon Lawmakers Gun Control Attempt (Video)

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WOW! This was the best defense of the Second Amendment EVER! Manuel Martinez, who narrowly escaped Cuba in 1962 after being imprisoned for opposing Fidel Castro, passionately defended the Second Amendment in front of Oregon’s Senate Judiciary Committee.

Martinez passionately compared the state lawmakers’ attempts to pass gun control to his past in Marxist Cuba.

“You say you want to protect the people. You’re not going to protect nobody… A very powerful man tried to sell me this 50 years ago. I didn’t buy it… This is Marxism, plain and clear. Come on, tell me I’m wrong, I’ve been there when you were learning how to walk… A very powerful man put me in chains… You sell THIS to the people who do not have self respect, self-determination. And they are weak. And they love to be subjugated. And be dependent on the government. You don’t sell that to me sir. This is TREASON. This is an ASSAULT on the dream of the founding fathers. They didn’t die for THIS. I come here, for years, talking about what happened, while you people, sink to this.”

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On The Path To Defeat? Experts Say The Al-Qaeda Brand Is The Strongest It Has Ever Been…


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Via Free Beacon:

A panel of terrorism and national security experts at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies said Wednesday that al Qaeda’s brand is the strongest its ever been, contrary to administration claims.

Bruce Hoffman, the director of the Center for Security Studies, said that the terrorist group has become more dangerous and has a larger international presence than eight years ago.

“You no longer have one big threat in one place with one clear leader, but many threats in a variety of places,” Hoffman said. “That I think is testimony to al Qaeda’s power. Al Qaeda is present today in more places than it was eight years ago, that’s indisputable.”

Al Qaeda currently controls more than 400 miles in the Middle East, according to CNN.

The Obama administration and many in the analytical community have said al Qaeda’s central leadership was no longer influential and that the terror group as a whole was diminishing.

After al Qaeda’s current leader Ayman al-Zawahiri released a propaganda video in January 2014 telling Syrian insurgents to ban together, the State Department said that al Zawahiri was the only al Qaeda core leader left and that he spent “more time worrying about his own personal security than propaganda.”

Hoffman disputed that notion.

“The core may not be as strong, but the al Qaeda brand I would argue is just as strong if not stronger,” Hoffman said.

While al Qaeda’s central leadership has suffered significant losses, al Zawahiri has still managed to maintain influence among affiliates and facilitated the expansion of the al Qaeda network, Hoffman said.

“I think he’s actually achieved the impossible, he’s held the movement together now for three years at a time that it is splintering,” he said. “Al Qaeda is in more places today than it was before al Zawahiri took control.”

Many in the current administration and analytical community define al Qaeda to consist of only al Qaeda’s central leadership and the affiliates it works with who specifically want to target the United States. According to the FDD panel, this view ignores al Qaeda’s past and mission.

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From Captain Phillips to Benghazi – Obama’s Cowardice & Lies Exposed

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Obama’s Spineless Ideology!

Have many in the mainstream media looked into Obama’s background deep enough to see that maybe we have a Muslim for a President?  Have they ever questioned President Obama about why he studied Marxism while he was at Occidental College in California?  Has anyone even thought of asking President Obama just what he learned from Frank Marshall Davis, a devout Communist, who was on the FBI watch list?   It seems that many are unwilling to question or make statements about Obama due to how he abuses the Internal Revenue Service and other agencies to silence his opponents. No matter, we are now going to pose a question of this man known as Barack Hussein Obama and demonstrate that he is not only a liar, but a coward as well, and how this may be the reason that the deaths of Americans occurred in Benghazi.

Let us begin with the list of lies from Obama compared to other Presidents and this list is not a total list of lies from the Liar- in-Chief.

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Cleta Mitchell Testifying on IRS Scandal: Lies Upon Lies, Not BoneHeaded Bureaucrats, It’s Not Over

Maggie’s Notebook

Attorney Cleta Mitchell represents True the Vote, TEA Party Patriots and numerous others in the IRS targeting scandal. In the interview below, she is testifying before the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee. She tells Congress that the IRS has lied, that lying to Congress is a criminal act, a felony and she wants the FBI to investigate. She says the DOJ investigation is a “sham, a non-existent investigation.” Ever American should be asking why Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) why Congress is not dealing a harder, harsher hand. Why is there no Select Committee? Why is the FBI not investigating? Where are the subpoenas? Why aren’t you doing something with the truth you already know? Why has Lois Lerner not been given immunity, or whatever is needed, to force her to testify? Are we really so impotent — as impotent as we were in Fast and Furious, and as impotent as we are in Benghazi? Remember this: when the Oval Office changes, hopefully to another political party, the IRS needs to be scrubbed cleaned of all leadership, and downsized.


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The April 16th Electrical Power Grid Attack – Connecting the Iranian Dots


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It has been publicly acknowledged since 9/11 that Iran has hundreds of agents scattered throughout the United States.  Since that time, there have been many suspicious incidents involving Iranians, with diplomatic immunity, surveilling U.S. infrastructure, including the filming of the New York subway tracks and Grand Central Station, the photographing of New York City landmarks, including bridges and tunnels, and the casing of water lines and heliport landing areas, to name a few.  

These incidents lead to speculation of possible Iranian involvement in the April 16th attack on the transformers in San Jose.  

(NOTE:  This attack occurred on the same day as the Boston Marathon bombing).  

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Obama and His Media Loyalists Still Spinning Benghazi

Family Security Matters

The media and Obama administration  are at it again, trying to defend their earlier actions on Benghazi. For weeks  following the September 11, 2012 attacks, President Obama and his colleagues  blamed them on a spontaneous demonstration inspired by protests in Cairo, a  position that has been repeatedly found to be patently untrue.

But Obama would prefer that the  American public ignore this and his other “phony” scandals. In fact, he told  Bill O’Reilly in a recent pre-Super Bowl  interview that scandals like the IRS  controversy are the result of irresponsible reporting by Fox News. “These kinds  of things keep on surfacing in part because you and your TV station will promote  them,” he told O’Reilly.

In an effort to convince us that  Benghazi is not a scandal, Obama, arguing with O’Reilly, once again attempted to  defend his completely indefensible narrative that in fact he said from day one  that it was a terrorist attack (or in his words, “an act of terror”), and that  the decision to claim the attack was the result of a spontaneous demonstration,  sparked by an anti-Islam video, was made with the best information  available. 

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