Planning Begins for Obama’s Presidential Library


The nightmare will be over in just a few more years. Already they are planning Obama’s presidential library:

With Obama’s blessing, top supporters are launching a foundation that will develop and build the library, which will both house his presidential records and serve as a monument to his legacy.

We already have plenty to serve as a monument to Obama’s legacy, including:

• Governmental lawlessness • A radicalized Democrat Party • A bitterly divided population • A crippled health insurance industry • Astronomical national debt • A vastly expanded number of people dependent on the government • Deteriorating race relations • Wounded military morale • Alienated allies • An Iraq increasingly run by al Qaeda • An Afghanistan soon to be run by the Taliban • A presidential office that no one takes seriously anymore.

But the library will be nice to have, as it will make a good starting point in the search for key documents that the public has yet to see, for example:

• His state senate papers • A book proposal that apparently gave his birthplace as Kenya • His medical records • Small-dollar donors • The Khalidi tape • The real White House guest list • Countless FOIA requests • Health reform negotiations • Fast & Furious documents…

There are plenty more:

• Kindergarten records (which might shed light on Obama’s nationality) • Punahou School records • Occidental College records (presumably indicating whether he received government aid as a foreign student) • Columbia University records • Columbia “Soviet Nuclear Disarmament” thesis • Harvard Law School records • Harvard Law Review articles • University of Chicago scholarly articles • Passport • Client list from private legal practice • Illinois State Bar Association records • Baptism records • Obama/Dunham marriage license • Obama/Dunham divorce documents • Soetoro/Dunham marriage license • Adoption records • Birth certificate (not the clear fake he grudging released).

A presidential library including all this stuff would be just the trick to retroactively provide a little transparency for the most transparent administration ever.

People in Hawaii and Chicago are squabbling over who should get the library. Here’s a more appropriate location, compliments of Red State:


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