Planning Begins for Obama’s Presidential Library


The nightmare will be over in just a few more years. Already they are planning Obama’s presidential library:

With Obama’s blessing, top supporters are launching a foundation that will develop and build the library, which will both house his presidential records and serve as a monument to his legacy.

We already have plenty to serve as a monument to Obama’s legacy, including:

• Governmental lawlessness • A radicalized Democrat Party • A bitterly divided population • A crippled health insurance industry • Astronomical national debt • A vastly expanded number of people dependent on the government • Deteriorating race relations • Wounded military morale • Alienated allies • An Iraq increasingly run by al Qaeda • An Afghanistan soon to be run by the Taliban • A presidential office that no one takes seriously anymore.

But the library will be nice to have, as it will make a good starting point in the search for key documents that the public has yet to see, for example:

• His state senate papers • A book proposal that apparently gave his birthplace as Kenya • His medical records • Small-dollar donors • The Khalidi tape • The real White House guest list • Countless FOIA requests • Health reform negotiations • Fast & Furious documents…

There are plenty more:

• Kindergarten records (which might shed light on Obama’s nationality) • Punahou School records • Occidental College records (presumably indicating whether he received government aid as a foreign student) • Columbia University records • Columbia “Soviet Nuclear Disarmament” thesis • Harvard Law School records • Harvard Law Review articles • University of Chicago scholarly articles • Passport • Client list from private legal practice • Illinois State Bar Association records • Baptism records • Obama/Dunham marriage license • Obama/Dunham divorce documents • Soetoro/Dunham marriage license • Adoption records • Birth certificate (not the clear fake he grudging released).

A presidential library including all this stuff would be just the trick to retroactively provide a little transparency for the most transparent administration ever.

People in Hawaii and Chicago are squabbling over who should get the library. Here’s a more appropriate location, compliments of Red State:


URGENT>>> IRS to Formalize Censorship Against Conservative Groups

Gateway Pundit

The IRS Conservative Targeting Scandal involved:

The Obama IRS gave preferential treatment to liberal groups during the same period.

And, now the Obama IRS is hoping to institutionalize their discrimination against conservative groups.

tea party st. louis

Democrats won’t have to worry about the Tea Party anymore.

IRS Reg-134417-13 will forbid conservative groups from holding voter registration drives, advertising, promoting, and prohibits any kind of political activity including rallies, mailings, teas, and forums. American Thinker reported, via Free Republic:

As of February 1, IRS Reg-134417-13 ruling, intended to curtail political participation by non-profit groups, received 20,880 comments. The IRS will take comments until February 27, 2014.

Our population is a little over three hundred and ten million. In view of that, twenty thousand comments is a pitiful showing. It most certainly is not enough to demand thorough rejection of this extraordinary ruling. I can only conclude that most Americans are unaware of the ruling, let alone know what it actually proposes. So let us be clear.

The IRS Reg-134417-13 ruling proposes to forbid non-profits to hold voter registration drives, advertise, promote, and engage in activities regarding any political incumbent or candidate. It forbids fundraisers for political incumbents and candidates, prohibits any kind of political activity including rallies, political mailings, teas, Meet and Greets, forums and gatherings of any kind that deal with political issues. It forbids a non-profit to support or oppose, discuss, or question those seeking political office. It forbids the gathering of signatures on petitions with political content of any kind, including nominating petitions and the advice, suggestion or request that the electorate support or oppose House and Senate bills.

The Terrorist in Chief

The Terrorist in Chief

What do you call a man who threatens Conservatives with the IRS, threatens the People with a corrupt healthcare, with drones over American soil, with our freedoms being taken away one by one, taxed into the poor house, sides with terrorist over the American People, has members of the Muslim Brotherhood within his administration, and lies to the People about it? I’d call him a terrorist, but what if that man was the President? I’d call him the Terrorist in Chief, but that’s just my opinion. 1 Dragon

WATCH THE FULL FILM: ‘Bankrupt – How Cronyism and Corruption Brought Down Detroit’

Gateway Pundit

Director and Executive Producer Ben Howe and Producer Thomas LaDuke released their documentary on the tragic story of Detroit. You can view the entire film on YouTube:

From the website:

Once the most prosperous city in America. With a booming manufacturing sector and cultural magnetism, the city had bright horizons after World War II. But as the 1960′s rolled in, the marriage of Big Business and Big Government overtook Detroit. The central planners in government needed the powerful corporations, and the powerful corporations came to depend on the bureaucracy, too. The marriage worked well for the politicians and for their corporate cronies, but Detroit itself entered a decades-long decline. America watched as Detroit slowly bled people, jobs and revenue. Politicians tried spending money. They tried raising taxes. The more they taxed and spent, the faster the city declined. Detroit still had its “Big Three” auto manufacturers, until two of its crown jewels, General Motors and Chrysler, imploded in 2008 under the weight of reckless and subsidized mismanagement.

Instead of allowing market forces to rebuild Detroit and the auto industry, the United States handed billions of dollars to General Motors and Chrysler.

Five years later, the city of Detroit is bankrupt and almost $20 billion dollars in debt.

Read the rest here.

And, take the time to learn more about how Democratic policies destroyed one of America’s great cities.