Holder To Ban Religion In Terror Probes



PC: According to NBC News, the Justice Department will soon prohibit religious profiling in terror cases. The move, if true, would completely blind federal law enforcement to the threat from Islamic extremism.

Already, the department has forced the FBI to bleach references to “Islam” and “jihad” from its counterterrorism training materials. It’s also made it harder for agents to infiltrate radical mosques.

But Attorney General Eric Holder reportedly now wants to make it illegal for agents to even consider religion in their investigations.


Democrats on the Hill are cheering the changes, along with the ACLU and radical Muslim Brotherhood front groups, who have all lobbied the administration for them. The Council on American-Islamic Relations, which has seen several of its officials jailed on terror-related charges, calls it “a step in the right direction.”

Appearing before the Democrat-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee in 2012, CAIR demanded the administration remove religion as a factor in terrorism investigations, even though just four years earlier Justice had named CAIR an unindicted terrorist co-conspirator.

The Islamic Society of North America, another designated co-conspirator, hailed the move as a civil-rights victory worthy of praise from “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”

The timing couldn’t be worse. Experts say that if anything, the U.S. should be expanding its terrorist profile to include radical Muslim women along with men. Russian intelligence warns female suicide bombers are threatening next month’s Winter Olympics.

The FBI missed the Boston Marathon bombings because it failed to focus on radicalized local Muslims. The only way law enforcement can effectively head off future attacks — including possibly the upcoming Super Bowl in New Jersey — is by gathering predictive intelligence in the Muslim community — namely, inside mosques.

However, the attorney general is threatening to cut off these investigative avenues for the FBI, as well as for border agents charged with protecting the nation from Islamic extremists at airports and land crossings.

After 9/11, the Bush administration allowed agents to profile at U.S. borders and in cases related to national security and terrorism. “Federal law enforcement must use every legitimate tool to prevent future attacks,” states the Justice Department’s “Guidance Regarding the Use of Race by Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.”

These guidelines, in force since 2003, have been effective in disrupting some 42 attacks by Muslim terrorists against the homeland since 2001. Now they will be amended to appease radical Muslim groups like CAIR.

After last year’s horrific attack on a Kenyan shopping mall, in which Muslim terrorists shot people for failing to answer questions about Islam correctly, CAIR showed its typical callous indifference.

“Who cares?” CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper shrugged, after the New York press asked if the group was concerned American Muslims were involved in the plot.

“It doesn’t matter who’s involved — terrorism is terrorism,” Hooper said, while insisting that terrorists are not being radicalized in mosques or the Muslim community.

But federal indictments of terrorists consistently show they in fact are being radicalized there. In virtually every case, defendants confess they were motivated by Islam and its edicts to wage holy war on infidels. They all devoutly worshipped at mosques where jihad was preached.

CAIR should know. It stepped in to block the FBI from investigating a mosque in Minneapolis where several American teens attended before decamping to Somalia, where they joined up with the al-Qaida branch behind the Kenyan attacks.

Removing religion from jihadi terrorism is like removing Hell from religion. It’s impossible. They are inseparable. This administration risks public safety by trying.

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8 thoughts on “Holder To Ban Religion In Terror Probes

  1. will he ban gangs in weapons probes, too? Same thing (but he knows that because he supplied the mexican gangs with weapons)

  2. makes you wonder who are really the terrorists. Our government seems to want to protect them. Seems like these terrorists have infilltrated the white house and the justice dept.

  3. I may not be Law Enforcement anymore, and no longer active in the DOD Database, but if it walks, talks, sounds and looks like a terrorist- Drop em. The head Muslim Terrorist- I mean the President(excuse me, I got confused) in this country has basically declared war on America. Per the first and second ammendments we have the rights and RESPONSIBILITY to speak the truth AND as a well organized militia protect our nation. Translation- the time has come to take our country back from an oppressive government(also in the Constitution) and replace it with a better one. Get ready- all hell will be breaking out pretty soon.

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