Exposing Obama’s Own Campaign Contributions As the Persecution of His Political Foes Heats Up


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If you thought that the bombshell news story of the IRS targeting Republican and conservative groups had tempered the Obama administration’s power grab and determination to destroy all who oppose it, you are sadly mistaken. The hounding of conservative groups and organizations continues, with sanction and support from the major news organizations.


The ongoing persecution of Republicans and conservatives mirrors the attacks by the fascists of Europe on their opponents in the 1930s. The latest attacks are against conservative authors and/or groups that share a philosophy based on individual rights.

Those who are intent on punishing Obama’s political adversaries have claimed another victim. Dinesh D’Souza is the latest target. D’Souza, of course, is a longtime conservative pundit. He is the author of a wildly successful bestseller that was critical of Obama; he also directed the 2012 film, “2016: Obama’s America.”

D’Souza is charged with directing illegal contributions to the unsuccessful Senate campaign of Republican Wendy Long, who ran in New York in 2012 against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. According to Fox News, “D’Souza is accused of directing various donors to give contributions to Long’s campaign totaling $20,000, and then reimbursing them. Individuals are only allowed to donate a maximum of $5,000 to a candidate per election cycle.”

Preet Bharara, an Obama appointee as the U.S. Attorney for Manhattan, stated: “As we have long said, this Office and the FBI take a zero tolerance approach to corruption of the electoral process.”

Really? I broke numerous stories and documented millions in illegal campaign contributions to the Obama campaign, but nothing was ever done. Leftist “journalist” Abby Ohlheiser noted this in The Wire, but only long enough to sneer at it: “But as is perhaps appropriate for D’Souza’s predilection for conspiracy theories,” she wrote, some activists are putting the charges against D’Souza in contrast to a long-running theory first raised by Geller that three Palestinian brothers who apparently bought and resold $29,000 worth of Obama T-shirts in the Gaza strip (such a purchase counts as a campaign donation, and showed up in the FEC’s database), represent some sort of relationship between the president and Hamas, the Islamist group that governs the Gaza strip.”

Ohlheiser says the Obama campaign refunded the money, but some “bureaucratic error” kept the refunds from showing up. She believes this! “The Obama campaign said that despite some sort of bureaucratic error keeping their refunds off of the FEC’s records, they returned the 2008 donations once the error was discovered. Geller et al. say the administration is lying, presumably because of Obama’s secret Hamas love. A current FEC record search for the surname of the brothers in question indicates that all but $891 of those donations were refunded.”

All but $891? Why did they keep any of it? Isn’t it all illegal? And why are they allowed to get away with saying that they really did refund the money, but the refunds don’t show up because of a “bureaucratic error”? Can Dinesh D’Souza escape prosecution by saying that it was all just a “bureaucratic error”? Or is that defense valid only for Democrats?

Not to worry. Politico dismissed any idea that the indictment of D’Souza was politically motivated as one of my “conspiracy theories.” Yet, fresh on the heels of that indictment came more awful news. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (a Democrat, of course) targeted conservative activist James O’Keefe with document requests and a subpoena. O’Keefe’s devastating video exposes led to the demise of the leftist activist group ACORN. Meanwhile, the IRS has made new rules for 501(c)(4) nonprofit groups that are designed to hurt tea-party groups and other conservative organizations, while leaving the big unions untouched.

And the Blaze reported that “the Internal Revenue Service has for the past two years been investigating an association of roughly 1,500 conservative-minded individuals in Hollywood, causing a few to wonder whether politics has played a role in the investigation. Named for Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, ‘Friends of Abe’ is a secretive and very private club for one of the rarest commodities in Hollywood: Conservative entertainers.”

This story about Friends of Abe shook me. I know FOA. I am a member. It is a social group of conservative-minded individuals in Hollywood that meets socially for a drink, a meal, a moment. Like-minded folks get together and breathe. And the Internal Revenue Service has been investigating for the past two years.

The government wanted the names of all the members. FOA, to its great credit, refused and continues to refuse.

It is ironic that the successors of those who raged against McCarthyism in the 1950s now actively engage in the same blacklisting practices.

Why hasn’t the IRS gone after, say, OFA (Obama’s fundraising arm, Organizing for America)? Headslap. Because they have no political affiliation.

This is all so frightening. America, put down the newly legalized weed that Obama is touting and join us in the fight for freedom.

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