Obama’s Legacy: The Establishment of Lawlessness in the USA


Obama has already established many legacies, including:


• Radicalizing the Democrat Party, thereby alienating one half of the country from the other and deepening the partisan divide to Civil War levels of acrimony;

• Crippling the health insurance industry as a major step toward socializing medicine;

• Jacking up the national debt beyond the point it could ever be paid off without debasing the currency;

• Vastly expanding the number of people dependent on the government, pushing the country to the tipping point at which the takers outnumber the makers;

• Setting back race relations for decades with help from Black Power lunatic Eric Holder;

• Undermining the morale of the military by promoting homosexuality while rendering futile the war in Afghanistan;

• Abandoning Iraq, so that our sacrifice was wasted and those who helped us there are at the mercy of al Qaeda; • Eroding America’s role in the world by proving to our allies that they are only an election away from a knife in the back;

• Corroding the respect we have felt for an office that formerly had been held only by grownups who at least tried to be worthy of it…

I could go on, but let’s cut to the chase. The single most destructive legacy — the one that truly effects Obama’s promised “fundamental transformation” of America — is what Michele Bachmann calls “the establishment of lawlessness in the United States.” The Congresswoman explains:

There was more at stake with the Defense of Marriage Act even than the sanctity of marriage. His unwillingness to wait for the liberals on the Supreme Court to strike it down is a prime example of how Obama has placed the very rule of law in jeopardy.

Only a quick and total reversal of everything Obama stands for can prevent the Last Best Hope’s decline into dictatorship.

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