Obama Deceives Again: Quietly passes new regulations giving IRS a ‘License To Kill’ Tea Party Groups


You should already be familiar with the fact that Obama has a long history of deceiving and hiding behind new laws and regulations. Of course, he will never explicitly say just how he intends to use or exploit his new laws, but this is a man so full of pride that he simply cannot even imagine why someone would not be willing to support his cause. In the past, he has actually refused to even negotiate with Republicans on a number of issues.

We also all know about how he was most likely behind the IRS targeting of Tea Party and other Republican groups before. Well, now he is at it again. In fact, it is starting to become such that you can no longer tell when Obama is actually pushing an everyday law or if it something that he is using a cover for a very devious scheme. His latest law states that it will redefine political organizations in an effort to tax more of their contributions.

However, this new law is more than meets the eye. It has the serious potential to put an end to over 100,000 small, grass roots organizations. Especially the Tea Party groups. So now the federal government will be able to label a number of non-profit organizations as taxable political organizations. This is probably a great move from the perspective of the Democrats and Obamaites since they will be generating new taxes, which means even more spending. What Democrat does not want to be able to spend more money? Heck, this can mean the expansion of welfare and assistance programs in order to continue buying more votes from the low information people.

But it is even more devious than this. The law allows for something called ‘digression’ by the IRS. In plain English, this means that the IRS will be able to investigate those groups that Obama directs them to, or just groups that they do not like. Certainly, Democratic groups also will fall under this law, but what do you think the chances are that they will actually be investigated by a Democratic-run Regime? And a Regime that is totally committed to fulfilling its evil agenda and destroying their opponents?

On the other hand, there are over 100,000 small Tea Party organizations throughout the country that likely will be affected by this law. They already are depending on the fact that they have been able to achieve non-profit status. Without this, they would most likely be taxed into oblivion. Yet, our wonderful community organizer in chief claims that he is simply seeking out “abusive, secretive groups backed by ‘dark money’ from fat cat donors.” Yes, Barrack, we see exactly what is going on here.

Part of what is in the law is a rather interesting definition of what will constitute free speech. Look at this: “Anything that mentions or has any connection to a candidate or public official is deemed restricted speech (CRPA), even when it otherwise meets the organization’s goals. Details of all communications must be reported to the IRS whenever it occurs within 60 days of a general election or within 30 days of primaries.”

Worst of all, the IRS now has a number of additional ways to track these so called restricted organizations. This includes credit card and e-payment transactions as well as eBay auctions and even Facebook posts. We are indeed living in an Orwellian society at this point.

What do YOU think about all this? Is Obama simply trying to eliminate his political opponents? Is he once again demonstrating that he will do everything within his power to achieve his goals? Do you think this new law will have the desired effect and destroy many local Tea Party groups?

3 thoughts on “Obama Deceives Again: Quietly passes new regulations giving IRS a ‘License To Kill’ Tea Party Groups

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    Obama Deceives Again: Quietly passes new regulations giving IRS a ‘License To Kill’ Tea Party Groups

  2. This is a license to kill free speech. its not only illegal, its immoral. But until the Real American Citizens decide to ban together and do something, I guess everyone is just gonna sit around and cry.

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