WebMD Quietly Hired to Promote Obamacare


Family Security Matters

WebMD,  the world’s second-most-popular website for health advice, has very  quietly secured a government contract in which it agrees to promote  Obamacare and educate doctors about it.

Representatives of the website have argued that this does not  constitute a conflict of interest, since WebMD would be allowed autonomy  to present its own take on medical news and advice, and this particular  government contract affects only its private portal for doctors. That  is, for now. A contract for educating the public about Obamacare is also  under way.

And actually, even the potential for government money was  already affecting WebMD before it had secured the contract. When  Obamacare finally rolled off the factory floor (a little worse for the  wear), WebMD was among the first sites to coo its praises. And the Obama  administration also had some nice things to say about WebMD. Let the  mutual back-scratching commence. The Washington Times reports:

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