A Government Separated from the People Cannot Stand

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In  his 1952 book The Origins of Totalitarian Democracy, Israeli historian  J. L. Talmon described a political system in which lawfully elected  representatives rule a nation state whose citizens, although granted the right to vote, have little or no  participation in the decision-making process of government.

The  federal government has become such a system, an entity unto itself operating  outside of Constitutional constraints and unaccountable to the American  people.

The United  States is now controlled by a Democratic and Republican ruling class that transcends government and sees itself as  distinct from the rest of society and as the only element that may act on its  behalf.The ruling class considers those who resist it as having no moral or  intellectual right, and, only reluctantly, any civil right to do  so.

Power  rests, not with the citizens, but with a relatively small group of politicians  and financiers, who enhance their personal wealth and privilege by looting the  country through a self-serving legislative process. They maintain their  authority by adjusting the levers of government and using the establishment  media to manipulate public perception and opinion.

Barack  Obama, a coffeehouse communist, leads a dishonest and lawless cabal of far-left  ideologues, whose goal is to promote socialist policies that can only be  implemented at the expense of personal liberty.

Republican  leaders neither contest that view nor oppose their Democrat counterparts because  they do not want to challenge the ruling class, they want to join it. The GOP  leadership has gradually solidified its choice to no longer represent what had  been its constituency, but to adopt the identity of junior partners in the  ruling class.

There  is now a sharp division between the bipartisan ruling class and the rest of the  American populace, who are considered retrograde, racist, and dysfunctional  unless properly controlled by the dictates of central  authority.

When  blatant and outrageous lies are no longer sufficient to soothe the electorate  into complacency, such a government must begin to curtail freedom and oppress  the people in order to remain in power.

The  present political environment, that is, the separation between the rulers and  the ruled, bears comparison to the events leading up to the American  Revolution.

On  January 10, 1776, nearly six months before the Declaration of Independence,  Thomas Paine published the forty-eight page pamphlet Common  Sense, which openly presented arguments supporting the freedom of the  American colonies from oppressive British rule.


According to Paine, a society arises because  individuals living alone in nature find shared benefit by living together rather  than remaining isolated. In an ideal society, where each individual acts in a  morally just fashion toward every other individual in the society, there is no  need for laws and government. Only when moral virtue is inadequate to restrain  human evil, do laws become necessary; and only when a society becomes too large  to operate by collective agreement and as individual enforcers of those laws do  governments become necessary.

In  such circumstances, the balance between society and government will determine  the balance between individual liberty and functionality of the society. In  complex societies, in the absence of laws and government, chaos will prevail.  When laws become too numerous and government too large, individual liberty  suffers.

The  efficiency and effectiveness of government are directly dependent upon the  trustworthiness of government officials as representatives and executors of the  views and desires of the people.

In  other words, whenever the interests of government officials divert from or are  in conflict with those of the people, tyranny ensues.

The  attributes that best describe how America is now governed are executive overreach, legislative complicity, judicial  partisanship, and journalistic acquiescence.

The  erosion of the Constitution and the theft of our Constitutional rights have been  occurring incrementally and quietly over a long period of time. With the  election of Barack Obama in 2008, those efforts have  accelerated.

In  contrast to what Thomas Paine wrote in The Rights of Man (1791), the  Obama “utopian” model sees individual rights as privileges, not endowed by God,  but granted via political charter, and, thereby, legally revocable to ensure the  “good order” of society. It is a collectivist philosophy that directly conflicts  with the principles outlined in the Constitution, where government is a  construct of and accountable to its citizens, as Paine noted:

“The  fact, therefore, must be that the individuals, themselves, each, in his own  personal and sovereign right, entered into a contract with each other to produce  a government: and this is the only mode in which governments have a right to  arise, and the only principle on which they have a right to  exist.”

The  Obama nightmare could be ended at any time simply by telling the  truth.

To  do so, however, would expose the rampant corruption of our political and media  elite, reveal their complicity in Obama’s violations of Constitution, uncover  their willful ignorance of his alleged felonies and confirm their participation  in the greatest election fraud and Constitutional crisis in American  history.

Both  the Democrat and Republican parties know that exposing Obama would reveal their  dereliction of duty, their complicity in undermining the Constitution, and their  continuous flouting of the rule of law. They know that the truth would topple  the corrupt status quo and terminate their exclusive grip on political power,  allowing the American people to regain control of their government. The  political and media elite will do anything to prevent that.

The  status quo is no longer defensible. Unless there is a significant reversal soon,  it is only a matter of time that a catastrophe will be upon us, which may well  lead to national collapse and fragmentation.

The  ruling elites of a now hopelessly corrupt political system are just one major  blunder away from revolution.

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