SC Sheriff Refuses To Lower Flag For Nelson Mandela

Free Republic

The American flag that flies over the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office will be raised high tonight despite an order by President Barack Obama that flags across the country be lowered to half-staff to honor the death of iconic South African leader Nelson Mandela.

Sheriff Rick Clark told The Greenville News that he has ordered the flag be raised at the end of today because he said the honor of lowering flags to half-staff should be reserved for Americans.

“The flag at half-staff is for Americans’ ultimate sacrifice for our country,” Clark said. “We should never stray away from that.”

The flag has flown at half-staff and will continue to during daylight hours today in honor of a Low country law enforcement officer who was killed and in honor of Pearl Harbor Day, Clark said.

However, come tonight, the flag will be raised, he said.

On Thursday, Obama ordered that flags be flown at half-staff on public grounds until sunset Monday.

(Excerpt)

3 thoughts on “SC Sheriff Refuses To Lower Flag For Nelson Mandela

  1. Is a president’s authority to “order” the lowering of the American flag restricted to federal territories and military bases? I thought I’d read that somewhere.

    At any rate, I support the sheriff’s decision not to lower the flag. As more and more information comes out on Mandela, he is, at best, of questionable character and certainly not the saintly man so long portrayed. in the end, I guess objective historians will have to sort it all out for us.

    • Mandela was a Communist and not an American citizen so why should the American flag be lowered for him?

    • The Federal government has no Constitutional power to “order” states or local governments to do any such thing. It is at best a suggestion. However, in an Obama World, if you don’t do it……………you’re racist. Then again, you’re racist no matter what you do according to obamabots and the bla bla media.

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