An Open Letter, To Those Masquerading as the Media

Sharon Rondeau 

 The Post & Email

To the 39 “media” outlets protesting lack of access to the Obama White House in a hand-delivered letter on November 21, 2013:

Putative White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was given a letter signed by 39 members of the media protesting lack of access and ability to photograph Obama in his official capacity.

Your missive to putative White House spokesman Jay Carney will fall on deaf ears.
You wonder why Obama’s handlers will not allow you access to “the President while he is performing his official duties.”  You question why only sanitized, poised photos released by the White House are allowed to circulate in the public arena.  In order to obtain answers, however, you need to look at yourselves and admit what you, not Obama, did to your profession.
Had you researched Obama’s background in 2007 and 2008, you would have found out that he is a communist.  “Communist,” you say?  Oh, you believed that communists were a thing of the past, something railed about by that crazy Sen. Joseph McCarthy back in the 1950s while more sophisticated members of the Congress and the “media” laughed behind his back or ridiculed him openly.  Yes, ridicule is a thing you “journalists” do quite well when you see something that is simply below your elevated stature to investigate.

An example is the questions about Obama’s constitutional eligibility which arose in 2008.
In late 2007, progressive talking head Chris Matthews said on MSNBC that “Obama was born in Indonesia.”  While Matthews failed to cite a source for his statement, a second similar report went to print in a Hawaii publication shortly thereafter.  None of you was even the slightest bit curious about Obama’s background and whether or not he was constitutionally eligible to occupy the highest office in the land.  You gave no thought to Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the Constitution which mandates that only a “natural born Citizen” be elected to the presidency.

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Removing Presidential Term Limits is Like Granting Caesar Full Autonomy as Supreme Ruler of the Roman Empire

Freedom Outpost

The rumor mill is heating up with rumors that say in 2016, Obama will be  president…again. That’s right. Numerous sources are indicating that  Obama will have a 3rd term in office.

One idiot professor who wrote an op-ed recently for The  Washington Post says as much. Jonathan Zimmerman, professor of history and  education at New York University, writes that it’s a good idea for a variety of  reasons that Obama should remain president for yet another term, or at least  have the opportunity to have a 3rd term.

Eliminating term limits means creating an emperor for life.

Eliminating term limits means creating an emperor for  life.

If Obama could be elected again, then he would not have to fear  the voters, says Zimmerman. “If he chooses, he could simply ignore their will.”  This statement proves to me that people like Zimmerman are not qualified to be  professors of anything. Apparently, Zimmerman has not noticed the fact that  Obama has pretty much ignored not only the will of the people, but the law of  the land, and the will of the courts. Nothing new there, really though Zimmerman  hasn’t noticed it.

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Over 700,000 people on US watch list: and once you get on, there’s no way off

watch lists

The Daily Sheeple

The names of nearly three-quarters of a million individuals have been secretly added to watch lists administered by the United States government, but federal officials are adamant about keeping information about these rosters under wraps.

A report by the New York Times’ Susan Stellin published over the weekend attempted to shine much-deserved light on an otherwise largely unexposed program of federal watch lists, but details about these directories — including the names of individuals on them and what they did to get there — remain as elusive as ever.

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