Don’t Go Gentle Into that Good Night – An Open Letter to Barack Obama

 Freedom Outpost

Mr. O:

I have tried very hard in the last five years to find your redeeming  qualities, qualities that make you qualified to occupy the oval office…sadly  I  can find only one. You seem to have a gift for campaigning, but not  leadership.  You have taken every opportunity to divide this nation whenever  possible. A true  leader goes out of his way to bring people together, but not  you, why is that?  You have lied so much and so many times to the American  people, that not even  you can keep track of them. And when you are confronted  with a lie that you have  told, you simply lie again to cover-up the previous  one. That has to be  exhausting.

I truly wonder as to why you and your wife have such contempt for this great  nation, after all, it has allowed you (and your family) to rise to the very  pinnacle of success and comfort. America isn’t perfect, but we as a nation and  a  people, constantly strive to live up to the ideals that were set down by our  founding fathers. America represents more than just a place where dreams can  come true if one is willing to work hard, it is a shining beacon of hope to the  entire world. America is truly the land of milk and honey to millions of people  across the world. We do not shy away from a difficult task, but embrace it,  because we believe in our hearts that anything good, is worth the effort it  takes to achieve it.

You once said, that you are constrained by the system put in place by our  founders. Only a tyrant speaks thusly. You also said that you wanted to  “fundamentally transform” this nation, but in to what? Why would you take a  diamond and try to turn it into a lump of coal? I must tell you, that because  of  your actions, that you have not earned the respect of the American people,  but  their anger and resentment. But seriously sir, some of us knew what you  were  from the very beginning, a con artist who gets his strategies straight  from the  Communist Manifesto and Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. You never  once had  any desire to be an American, let alone a real American president. The  path you  are dragging us down, has already been attempted in many other  countries and it  only ends with the complete subjugation and dominance of the  American people.  And THAT is something that we (as a people) will simply not  allow anybody to do.

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