Molon Labe: The Battle Cry Of Free Men


The Daily Sheeple

Judge Andrew Napolitano has lambasted the government just a day after Thanksgiving.

His article for Fox News accuses the government of lying and cheating US citizens, and demands the return of the rights and liberties ‘stolen’ by the Obama administration.

He goes on to accuse the president of not upholding the Declaration or the Constitution even though he took an oath to do so.

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The Prospect of World War Three

Family Security Matters

Let me begin by saying that the deal the U.S. struck with Iran on November 24  is so criminally stupid that mobs with torches and pitchforks should be  surrounding the White House and Department of State demanding that the President  and Secretary of State resign.

How many times does the United   States have to make really bad deals with  really bad nations? And then call it progress!

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Report: Obama Admin In Secret Talks With Hezbollah, Willing To “Warm Up To A Direct Relationship In The Future”…

Weasel Zippers

Are you f*cking kidding me? What’s next, talks with al-Qaeda?

Via JPost:

The US and Hezbollah are in secret indirect talks managed by London dealing with the fight against Al-Qaida, regional stability and other Lebanese political issues.

Senior British diplomatic sources, quoted in a report in Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai on Wednesday, said British diplomats are holding discussions with leaders of the Lebanese organization and transferring the information to the Americans.

The discussions “are aimed at keeping tabs on the changes in the region and the world, and prepare for the upcoming return of Iran to the international community,” according to diplomatic sources in Washington.

Because the US, unlike the UK, recognizes both the political and military wings of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and refuses to distinguish between them, US officials cannot legally meet with any member of the party. But according to the sources, the US is willing to hear the views of the party and “warm up to a direct relationship in the future.”

Al-Rai noted that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke to British Prime Minister David Cameron last week, and placed the talks with Iranian-backed Hezbollah in the context of the ongoing negotiations between the West and Tehran, which show Washington’s willingness for diplomacy with the Islamic Republic.

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