This is Islam: Her Dad Raped Her… Her Brother “Honor Killed” Her

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The  family Daughter flees from home after allegedly being sexually assaulted by her  own Father. Her family begs her to come home and promises that no more harm  will  come to her. So what happens? Her Brother poisons her a few days after her  return and she dies. In the sick and twisted mind of many Muslim men, this is  the honorable thing to do.

The Express Tribune (Pakistan) reports:




The  Lahore High Court has disposed of an application regarding a woman’s alleged  rape and murder by family members, after legal proceedings were initiated  against the victim’s brother.

Sobia  Aman had submitted an application to the LHC Complaints Cell stating that her  friend *Sadia had left her house  in Nawankot village after being sexually assaulted by her  father.

The  applicant said that Sadia’s relatives had persuaded her to return home at the  end of May, assuring that they would not allow her to be sexually assaulted  again. But a few days later, Sadia was poisoned and killed, the applicant  said.

The  LHC Complaints Cell instructed the Gujrat district and sessions judge to  investigate the matter. He reported that Sadia had been killed by her brother  due to alleged “immoral and suspicious activities”.

A  case had been registered against the brother at Saddar police station in  Gujrat,  after Sadia’s body had been exhumed and autopsied, the judge  reported.

The  post mortem report and the police investigation report have been submitted to the trial court. The judge added that the  allegation that Sadia had been raped by her father had not been  proven.

*Name  changed to protect  identity of victim and her family

What  part of this culture do we need in America?

How  is the mass influx of Muslim immigrants and the growth of Islam contributing to  a better America?

It’s  hard to say what you would do in a situation unless you have been there, but my  first thought is that if my Father were raping my Sister I would encourage her  to stay gone and go to the Police with the facts. And if anyone was going to be  killed it would have been my Father.

Where  I come from Brothers and Sisters stick together.

This  is not the way Muslim men think. Women are second class citizens and they will  always be the first to take the blame. Without knowing what went on inside the  head of her brother, based on past research, I would have to say that he may  have thought he was ridding the family of someone who had dishonored them. It  was not his Father’s fault. It was his Sister’s fault for bringing this upon  herself.

With  that said we have no idea what the facts are in this case. The girl could have  made up a story about her Father’s actions and we will likely never know either  way. But we do know that she left so there is good indication that something  was  strained in therelationship.

What  we do know, however, is that this case is really not at all unbelievable and  that should definitely tell you something about the “Religion of  Peace.”

Again,  there is a big difference between this religion and others. Do Christian men do  terrible things like this? Sure.

Do  Buddhists? Without a doubt.

The  big difference is that when a Christian man, for instance, does something like  this it is because he has lost his faith. You won’t find many Christian men  raping their Daughters or killing their Sisters and saying that Jesus Christ  wanted them to do it or taught them to do it. There is always that 1 in a  million nutjob but this is not the norm. It is however very widespread in Islam  for a man to commit such horrible crimes and reference his religion as a right  to do it.

When  a Muslim does something like this it is because they are following the  teachings  of their faith.

There  is a big difference and this is exactly why we do not need more Islam in  America.

As  we have reported recently, in Nebraska a Muslim Brother beat his Sister for being a  lesbian and a Muslim California man killed his girlfriend’s family for not  approving of him.

This  does not only happen in Pakistan. It is here and will only get worse unless we  do something about our Islamic population.

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