A List Of 23 Famous Obama Quotes That Turned Out To Be Broken Promises Or Cold-Hearted Lies

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How many lies can one president tell and still retain any credibility?  What  you are about to see is absolutely astounding.  It is a long list of important  promises that Barack Obama has broken since he has been president.  If he had  only told a few lies, perhaps the American people would be willing to overlook  that.  After all, pretty much all of our politicians our liars.  Unfortunately,  many of the lies that Obama has told appear to have been quite cold-hearted in  nature.  For example, Barack Obama repeatedly made the promise that “you will be able to keep your  health care plan” under Obamacare.  But now we are learning that he knew  that this was a lie all along.  Not only that, the Democrats in Congress knew  that this was a lie all along too.  In fact, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a  Democrat, said  the following when she was asked about Obama’s promise to the American  people recently: “He should’ve just been specific. No, we all knew.”  Barack-Obama-takes-one-last-look-in-the-mirror-before-going-out-to-take-the-oath-of-officeYou  can see video of her making this statement right here.  The  truth is that they all knew that millions upon millions of Americans would lose  their current health care policies under Obamacare.  They deliberately lied  just  so that they could get the law passed.

And of course this is far from the only major lie that Obama has told in  recent years.  The following is a list of 23 famous Obama quotes that turned  out  to be broken promises or cold-hearted lies…

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The Free Pass Has Expired


A news report about Oprah Winfrey said she “is going around the world telling everyone that Americans are racist while she promotes her new film.”

She “has been a prominent supporter of Barack Obama. She thinks that both he and the office of President have been treated with contempt because of the color of his skin quoting her saying “There’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. And that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he’s African American. There’s no question about that and it’s the kind of thing nobody ever says but everybody’s thinking.”

So how is it that a racist America elected an African American in 2008 and reelected him in 2012? How did Oprah become an American success story if most Americans are racists?

The free pass given to African Americans has expired and many do not realize it.

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Georgia Business Owner Told to Take Down Flags Honoring Military

Gateway Pundit

It’s an Obama world… A Georgia business owner was told to take down several flags flying above his restaurant. They were against code.



FOX News reported:

A Georgia restaurant owner has been ordered to remove the patriotic flags flying above his eatery, Fox 5 Atlanta reported.

Darren Miller, owner of CJ’s Hot Dogs in McDonough, was cited on Friday by a code enforcement officer for flying flags above his restaurant that honor the military.

“I’m just floored.” – Darren Miller, owner of CJ’s Hot Dogs

The restaurant, Fox 5 reports, is dedicated to police officers, firefighters and those serving in the military and Miller says it’s his right to pay tribute to each group — both inside and outside his restaurant.

Three months ago, Miller put up the American flag, the Georgia state flag and banners for every branch of the military.

On Friday, he was told they have to come down.

“I’m just floored,” said Miller. “And I called the guy and asked what they’re for. And he said I’m in violation with my flags flying above my restaurant.”

City Administrator Frederick Gardiner reportedly was unaware that CJ’s was cited and later told Miller that he’s asking for the citation to be voided.

JFK: Lifetime NRA Member, Second Amendment Defender


According to the Washington Post, JFK was one of eight U.S. presidents to “have been lifetime members [of the NRA].” The others were “Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Dwight D. Eisenhower… Richard M. Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush.” Kennedy stands out as the only Democrat on that list. 

In April 1960, JFK said our founding fathers used phrases like “a well regulated militia” and “the ‘security’ of the nation,” as well as “the right of each citizen ‘to keep and bear arms,'” to show “the essentially civilian nature of our economy.” 

He posited “fears of governmental tyranny” as the impetus “which gave rise to the Second Amendment” to begin with. And although he believed it “unlikely” that such tyranny “[would] ever be a major danger to our nation,” he said “the Second Amendment will always be important.” 

Is Obama a Criminal?

The Post & Email.

In 2008, the man known as “Barack Hussein Obama” campaigned on a platform of “hope and change,” followed by “Forward!” in 2012.

On April 27, 2011, the above image was posted on the White House website and purported to be a certified copy of Obama’s long-form birth certificate. Within 24 hours, it was declared a forgery by many, and a law enforcement investigation confirmed those findings formally on March 1, 2012.

In 2008, Obama was beloved by the media, which is tasked by the First Amendment to be a watchdog, not a cheerleader, for government. Again in 2012, the mainstream media failed to report on the many questions which had never been answered about Obama’s childhood, college years, and birthplace.  It did not report that the long-form birth certificate posted on the White House website was the subject of a criminal investigation which concluded that the image was fraudulent, along with Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form.
Statements made in several overseas newspapers, by the Kenyan Parliament, Obama’s biographer and by the U.S. ambassador to Kenya that Obama was born in that country contradict public statements that he was born in Honolulu, HI on August 4, 1961 at Kapiolani Medical Center, although previously Queens Hospital was also identified as his birthplace.
Michelle Obama has called Kenya her husband’s “home country.”
The short-form Certification of Live Birth posted by an unknown source on June 12, 2008 at The Daily KOS has been declared a forgery, although former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs vouched for it in 2009 while ridiculing the reporter who inquired about it.

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Fast and Furious Grenades – Another Obama ATF Smuggling Operation

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Last month in a shootout between Mexican police and drug cartel members,  three officers were killed, but following the shootout it appears that  another  US weapons smuggling operation was uncovered, one that includes “Kingery”  grenades.

Watch the latest video at <a href=”http://video.insider.foxnews.com”>video.insider.foxnews.com</a>

The resemblance to Operation Fast and Furious was laid out by William La  Jeunesse.

La Jeunesse reports that a Justice Department document indicates that during  the shootout that cartel members used “Kingery” grenades.  The document,  according to La Jeunesse, reads in part:

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U.S. to Train Libyan Military, Including Islamist Branch


A member of the Libyan army's Thunderbolt Brigade flies the Libyan flag as the army prepares for deployment in Benghazi

Gateway Pundit

A member of the Libyan army’s Thunderbolt Brigade flies the Libyan flag as the army prepares for deployment in Benghazi (Esam Al-Fetori/REUTERS / November 8, 2013)

The U.S. military is working on plans to train 5,000 to 7,000 members of the Libyan security forces and also special operations forces The training will risk including terrorists from the troubled Mideast nation. The Washington Free Beacon reported:

The U.S. military is preparing to conduct military and special operations training for Libya’s military and the training will risk including Islamist terrorists among the trainees, according to the commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command.

Adm. William McRaven, the commander who helped lead the covert raid to kill al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, said in a brief interview Saturday that the counterterrorism training operation has not begun. “We’re in the early stages,” he told the Free Beacon.

McRaven said a major gun battle erupted in Tripoli last week among opposing militias, a sign of instability in the North African country. The training is needed to stabilize Libya, an oil-rich country beset by mounting terrorism and Islamist militias.

During a panel discussion on the war on terrorism at the Reagan National Defense Forum, McRaven disclosed that the Libyan military training would include both conventional forces training and special operations training and that there will be risks.

“We are going to have to assume some risks,” McRaven said. “Right now we have the authorities to do that training, and I think as a country we have to say there is probably some risk that some of the people we will be training with do not have the most clean records, but at the end of the day it is the best solution we can find to train them to deal with their own problems.”

Obamacare ‘fix’ affirms Obama as absolute dictator with power to change laws as he pleases

(NaturalNews) In a desperate bid to save the rapidly collapsing Obamacare  socialized medicine program, President Obama announced  a “fix” yesterday that would “allow” health insurance companies to avoid  cancelling whatever plans haven’t already been cancelled due to Obamacare  itself.
In doing so, Obama effectively declares himself absolute  dictator over all laws across the country, assuming the power to enforce,  ignore or alter laws at he pleases.

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