Obama Named as Accessory to Murder

Western Journalism
Obama was named as an accessory to the Muslim Brotherhood’s murder, rape, and torture of Egyptian citizens according to a criminal complaint filed by Egyptian attorneys and lawmakers before the International Criminal Court.

Obama was also found to be secretly funneling millions of dollars to Muslim Brotherhood members. The bribes, recorded in a document seized by the Egyptian military, amounted to almost a million dollars paid to each Muslim Brotherhood operative, ostensibly charged with rounding up and killing anyone who opposed the Mohammed Morsi regime, which included the torture and crucifixion of Christians.

But this murder-for-hire plot is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Congressman: Benghazi Attackers Had Inside Information – “They Knew Everything”

Freedom Outpost

I can’t say this news is surprising, considering the documented reports we  have of terrorists acting as security for our diplomatic mission in Benghazi,  but reports are now coming out that the jihadists who attacked the mission in  Benghazi on September 11, 2012, had insider knowledge.  To top that off, calls  for more security, as well as calls that night for help were all ignored by the  Obama administration.

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Allen West: Obama “Should Be Removed From Office By Impeachment”…

Weasel Zippers

Foaming-at-the-mouth libs in 3… 2… 1.

Via Allen West:

The time has come to stop dancing around the word “impeachment.”

I just landed in one of the most politically corrupt cities in America: Chicago. It is the home of “Rules for Radicals” author Saul Alinsky as well as the most corrupt, lying, radical president this country will ever know, Barack Hussein Obama.

Clearly, the Rule of Law is not applicable in Obama’s world, it’s just a framework which he feels he can fundamentally transform at his will. But America does not live by imperial edict granted from on high by his highness. Heck, that’s why we had a revolution in the first place.

In Boston, Obama said these plans were junk and the insurance companies were bad apples. His own henchwoman, HHS Secretary Sebelius issued a decree making these plans non-compliant. But now the Emperor waves his hand and presto change-o, they are in compliance — in other words our Dear Leader is granting his permission.

This man is a manipulative liar. His arrogance is beyond comprehension. He has, in true Alinsky-esque fashion, picked the individual insurance market to demonize and set up the industry for blame. […]

If Americans do not finally see the arrogant lawlessness of this person who no longer holds regard for the Office of the Presidency, then God help us, for He shall certainly not bless us. What more do people need to see and endure? This disgraceful era must now end.

The president is in violation of his oath and yes, he should be removed from office by impeachment. Let the call ring across the land from sea to shining sea.

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