NSA Spying: Obama Lies to Leno and the American People

President Barack Obama said Tuesday the United States of America doesn’t have a “domestic spying program” while defending the National Security Agency’s controversial spying efforts.

“What we do have is some mechanisms that can track a phone number or an email address that is connected to a terrorist attack…That information is useful,” he said during an interview with NBC’s “The Tonight Show.”

I Am Sorry: Barack Obama’s Sorry Apology for a Sorry Healthcare Law Just Doesn’t Cut it – How About a Resignation?

Freedom Outpost

Are any of you buying President Obama’s faux apology, because I’m not. “I’m  sorry” just doesn’t cut it, not by a long-shot! President Obama has divided  this  country as no other president in the history of this nation has ever done.  He  has divided us by: Class, Sex, Race and Religion, so how do you go about  apologizing for that? He has told so many lies that not even he can’t keep  track  of them anymore; it’s painful to watch.

Obamacare is a man-made disaster, and we are not done feeling the negative  effects yet, not by a long shot! Democrats who are up for re-election can’t  wait  to distance themselves from this guy. I wonder what possible reasons they  will  give the voters not to fire their sorry butts? If you are a  Democrat,  who was in office in 2009, you voted for Obamacare, it’s just  that simple. What will they do when they go home to campaign for  re-election?  What  possible excuse can they give to the people of their  districts, especially to  those who have lost their medical  insurance, as to why they should keep their jobs and be re-elected? Not one  single Democrat who signed the Affordable  Care Act even read the damn thing before signing it…not one! If  I  were one of them, I’d be dusting-off a resume and start looking for one of  those  lobbyist’s jobs.

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Report: Obama Lied To Israel About Details of Nuke Deal With Iran…

Weasel Zippers

The Israelis are learning the hard way Obama is a treacherous back-stabber who can’t be trusted under any circumstances.

Via Weekly Standard:

So the Obama administration is, after all, capable of tough, bull-necked diplomacy. These guys go for the jugular—for them diplomacy is a blood sport where anything is licit so long as victory is the endgame. Too bad the White House deploys those skills not against U.S. adversaries but against allies like Israel and France.

Haaretz reports that the administration misled Israel regarding the terms of the proposed interim agreement with Iran over its nuclear weapons program. One senior Israeli official explained that on Wednesday Israel had seen an outline that the Israelis “didn’t love but could live with.” Thursday morning French and British officials, and not the White House, told the Israelis that the terms had changed and were much more favorable than what they’d been shown previously. “Suddenly it changed to something much worse that included a much more significant lifting of sanctions,” said the Israeli official. “The feeling was that the Americans are much more eager to reach an agreement than the Iranians.”

When Kerry landed in Geneva Friday, only a few small details were left to sort out before striking an agreement. But the problem wasn’t the Iranian side, rather it was France that wouldn’t sign off on the “bracketed text” in the draft document. In other words, after misleading the Israelis, the administration had hoped to present the deal as a fait accompli. In scuttling the agreement, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius saved the day—for the time being.

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Coming soon: BenghaziCare

American Thinker

So  it didn’t work too well the first time out

 No  one is madder than me about that and I am going to find out who was in  charge.

 When  the website is fixed, we’re going to have a new rollout with a new  name.



• If  the resources are not enough for the mission • If we don’t have the right  people in the right place • If we can’t save you if things go wrong • If  you or your loved ones end up dead

 What  difference, at this point, does it make?  The new system will be in  place!

 Lois  Lerner. a highly experienced professional who knows exactly how I want the  public to be treated and is the best at answering questions that I have ever seen, will be in charge of Customer Service.  Believe me, she will see that you get  what’s coming to you.

 The  American public will see what can happen when we finally get private greed out  of our health care system.

 BenghaziCare  – the future of America!

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Obama Using Food Stamp Cash To Fund Michelle’s ‘Lets Move’

(NY Post)

As you dig into your Butterball with all the trimmings this Thanksgiving, remember that millions of famished schoolkids around America may be forced to forgo classic turkey — and chow down instead on vegan black-bean patties and organic locavore quinoa salad.

On Nov. 1, sizable cuts were gouged into the federal food-stamp program (or, as it’s now called, SNAP, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), which feeds 47.6 million people, or nearly one in six Americans. In the city, 1.9 million folks get the bulk of their Jell-O and Campbell’s Soup from stamps.