Report: Obama Already Eased Iran Sanctions Before Nuke Talks


The White House began easing economic sanctions that have crippled Iran for five years not long after its new president was elected in June — and months before Hassan Rouhani and President Barack Obama talked by telephone in September, State Department documents show.

The United States has done everything but stopped blacklisting individuals and companies that Iran evade international sanctions since Rouhani’s election on June 14, The Daily Beast reports.

And the Obama administration has been doing less of that since the election, despite claims to the contrary, the website reports.

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4 thoughts on “Report: Obama Already Eased Iran Sanctions Before Nuke Talks

  1. It was obvious that Comrade Obama was easing sanctions on Iran even before easing the sanctions was a thought. Obama is on a mission to destroy this nation by friending our enemies. Take the Syrian rebels backed by Al Qaeda, and his demoralizing of our military. America is on the verge of becoming a Socialist state and the next mission of the Liberals is to repeal the Presidential term limits and work on his becoming President for many more years.

    • I posted one a couple of months ago about term limits being over turned but they would have to amend the Constitution or do away with it.

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