We Need to Be Honest & Dispense With the Spin – America’s Enemy is Islam

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As we look back on the events of September 11, 2001, it is important to  consider some simple truths. These truths eluded our government and the nation  in the early days after September 11th, 2001, because partisan politicians in  Washington, DC, erected walls that kept our law enforcement and intelligence  communities from honestly informing each other about the threats to our nation  and her citizens. Even more disturbingly, today, little has changed. Twelve  years after the initial attacks by al Qaeda on our country, most of the 9/11  Commission’s recommendations are left unaddressed and  an administration has  been elected to office that refuses to identify the enemy  for their common  bond.

islam_title1Sun  Tzu wrote, in The Art of War, “If you know the enemy and know  yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt.”

Before September 11th, 2001, we, as a nation, were unfamiliar with not only  Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda, but also the whole of the Islamist dogma. Now,  after the slaughter of four brave Americans in Benghazi on September 11th,  2012,  our nation’s leadership, hobbled by the Progressive tenet of political  correctness, refuses to accurately identify the enemy; to identify the root  cause for the overwhelming number of terrorist acts around the world.

Before September 11th, 2001, we were ignorant of the lesson found in Sun  Tzu’s quote. After September 11th, 2012, our leadership simply ignores Sun  Tzu’s  wisdom.

It is indisputable that with precious few exceptions, the perpetrators of  almost every terrorist act in the world today have a direct connection to  Islamist jihadis; who, in turn, exist solely under the ideological umbrella of  the religion of Islam. Those who argue to the contrary are either uninformed,  deniers, fools or intellectually stunted. Yet our current leadership exists so  crippled by their ideological dogma that they, purposefully, refuse to identify  the obvious enemy; the enemy who has declared, in no uncertain terms, that  Islam  will reign supreme; that they intend to conquer the world in the name of  their  religion.

A perfect example of this pig-ignorance comes in the issue of Syria.

Whether you believe President Obama and his team are inept in their foreign  policy, unconcerned about anything but the “fundamental transformation” of the  United States domestically, or sympathetic to the Islamist cause – or perhaps  all three, the notion that there is a side to champion in the Syrian conflict  is  ignorant folly. Yes, Bashar al Assad is a tyrant, brutal to his own people  in  his quest to retain power in that country. And it is a distinct possibility  that  he or his field commanders may have used chemical weapons against civilians as well as  rebel forces. But intervening in an effort to champion al Assad’s opposition  literally places the United States in an alliance with those who support and  fight in the name of al Qaeda, the very people who both slaughtered 2,996  people  and injured over 6,000 more on September 11th, 2001, and viciously  murdered four  Americans, including a US ambassador on September 11th, 2012. 

Additionally, each action and non-action taken by this administration has not  only decreased the standing of the United States in the Middle East, but has  facilitated the rise of Islamists to positions of influence throughout the  region. Even the Obama Administration’s objection to the Egyptian military’s  deposing of the illegitimately elected Muslim Brotherhood to government, in the  aftermath of Mubarak’s fall from power, favored Islamists; those who would  establish Sharia law and band together to form a regional caliphate.

So, the base question that each and every American should be asking him or  herself is this. What the hell are we doing? Why are we aligning or  aiding any faction, movement or government that exists sympathetic or in  allegiance to anything Islamist?

Further, why haven’t we had the courage – as a free people – to ask the  questions that politically correct Progressives and the intellectually  squeamish  run from, like:

▪ Why isn’t the Islamist ideology held accountable for the violent actions of  those who commit atrocities in the name of Islam?

▪ Why hasn’t Saudi Arabia – the protectors of the most holy locations in the  Islamic religion, been held to account for not only the actions of their  charge,  but for literally exporting the most virulent strain of Islam  (Wahhabism) to  foreign shores?


Why are our elected officials so adverse to recognizing – and then stating as  their positions – that the tenets of Sharia law are not compatible  with  the freedoms and liberties enshrined in our Charters of Freedom and in  Western  ideology?

▪ Why – why – are our leaders so frightened of identifying an enemy  who has declared war on the West – and the United States and Israel,  specifically, for years and years and years…?

▪ Why – why – is the West so terrified of confronting the evil that  exists in the Islamist ideology; the evil that cuts the heads of innocents, eats  the organs of its foes, burns Christian churches to the ground as they execute  priests and nuns; the evil that wants to finish what Adolf Hitler started with  regard to the world’s Jewish population?

▪ And why, why, why, do we elect idiot politicians who make excuses for bloodthirsty jihadis,  even to the points of denying that “Allahu Akbar!” is an Islamist battle cry and  lobbying for weaponry and alliance?

The issue of whether the United States should act because chemical weapons  were used in Syria is a serious matter. The use of WMD is something that the  entire world community should take very seriously. But when both sides of the  conflict despise you; when both combatants in the fight hold you, your nation,  your nation’s citizens and the whole of the Western world in contempt, perhaps  that fight; perhaps the action needed in the aftermath of the use of those WMD,  must come from within that faction’s own world. If the use of WMD is so  outrageous to the whole of humanity, perhaps Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait and  Bahrain should take action against Syria, the rebels or whoever else is  eventually found to be guilty of this atrocity.

To wit, the fact is undeniable: Whoever wins in Syria will not be a friend to  the United States and the West, so aiding one side over another is a pretty  stupid investment of blood and/or treasure.

And while the debate on the use of WMD in Syria is one that should be  undertaken, it should be undertaken with the pre-condition that we in the West  –  and especially we here in the United States – realize that Islamists are not  our  friends, evidenced not only by their actions, but by their words; their  threats,  their promises and their declarations.

The battle – both ideologically and physically – between the West and  Islamism is a fundamental battle between good and evil; between the cultures of  personal liberty and oppression. Islamism, Sharia and all of the Islamist  tenets  that entangle that dogma in conquest, oppression, violence and the  worship of  death, exist as nemesis to the free world; the enemy of freedom  itself.

That limp-wristed politicians, Progressives and sympathetic apologists from  the West refuse to admit the obvious doesn’t make the fact any less real. It  just makes the West – and the people of the West – subject to the dangers,  subject to the murderous violence, that Islamism projects onto the world.

On September 11th, 2013, I offered my condolences again to all those directly  affected by the loss of life, and offered my appreciation to all those who have  answered the call to defend liberty and freedom around the world.

I stand unashamed to say, I know who the enemy is…both inside and outside  the gates.

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/11/need-honest-dispense-spin-americas-enemy-islam/#ixzz2jrT46km5 Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/11/need-honest-dispense-spin-americas-enemy-islam/#5gZ2hJi2iSSPHT1R.99

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