Muslim Brotherhood on the Rise in USA


Muslims don’t have the numbers in the USA that they do in Europe, but already the Muslim Brotherhood is winning in America, according to the Clarion Project, where we learn that at least 2,000 US nonprofits are linked to this malevolent organization.

The framework for planned conquest was been constructed before our eyes. Now the federal government itself has been thoroughly infiltrated at the top levels of the national security apparatus, thanks to our first anti-American president, the aggressive pro-Muslim Barack Hussein Obama. The strategy is to use our own ideologically compromised if not openly treasonous leadership to destroy us from within, in what Muslims call “civilization jihad.”

The approach is working so well that a senior Homeland Security advisor has apparently declared victory on behalf of Islam:

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Obama’s After Halloween “Trick”: Executive Order Pushes New Regulations to Finish Off the Coal Industry

Freedom Outpost

Halloween’s trick or treat came to Congressional staffers when Congressmen designated  their staff as either “official” or “unofficial” to determine whether staffers  would participate in Obamacare exchanges for healthcare insurance.  On  Friday, Obama issued, through executive  order, a “trick” of his own.  With the stroke of a pen, Obama ordered “a  government-wide effort to boost preparation in states and local communities for  the impact of global warming.”

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