The Alinsky Method: Destroy Morality so the Masses will Demand More Government Control

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obama_alinskyMany  in America are awakening to the “Alinsky  method” that so many writers, including myself, have spent much time and  effort trying to educate people about. One of Alinsky’s main tenants in  striving  for social chaos was to use an opponent’s own rules and values against  them. He  said of this tactic that it would be impossible, for example, for the  Christian  Church to live up to all of their rules so, as far as Alinsky was  concerned this  was the perfect tactic guaranteed to ridicule an opponent into  submission. What  I am seeing is that this game is being played on a very large  scale, and in  fact, the very value that they are seeking to use against us is  freedom itself.   The communists have been playing a game where the goal is to  convince you and me  that freedom is dangerous and that we as human beings are  in no way capable of  making responsible decisions, and we must therefore, let  the government assume  that responsibility for us. How are they doing this? You  know the answer to that  question; they are deliberately destroying our  morality, thus giving rise to the  need for a strict police state to govern our  every move.

This is just my personal theory, but there is substantial evidence to back it  up.  One of the most significant sources of this evidence, in my opinion, is  the  45  declared goals of the communist party, which were entered into the  congressional record in 1963. I have written many articles concerning some of these goals and how they  may, theoretically, be pertaining to many events we are witnessing today. One  of  the most compelling that I have written about a couple of times is the  discrediting of the constitution and Americas founding fathers. Of course we  see  this occurring daily in education as they have become as brazen as to  actually  rewrite the second amendment in some of our children’s history books.  There is  another that is a little less subtle and is a direct affront to the  very ideals  of liberty.

We all understand that the first amendment protects the rights of religious  liberty, assembly and speech. What many may have come to misunderstand;  however,  is the intent behind the word “speech.” The first amendment protects  political  and religious speech that is essential in the guarding of liberty. It  was never  intended to protect the vile disgusting things broadcast daily on the  television  set. One of the 45  communist goals was to discredit the first amendment by advocating against  censorship laws claiming they were a violation of the first amendment.

From the 45 declared goals of the Communist Party-


Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them censorship  and a violation of free speech and free press.

The communists understand that free speech is a value that we hold to the  highest ideals and because of this they were able to use it against us very  effectively by accusing us of infringing on the free speech rights of others if  we suggest the need for censorship. All the while, as our society grows more  and  more vile and decadent, the fact that we have free speech becomes the  culprit in  the minds of the uneducated. Thus, creating a situation where  freedom and our  constitution has been discredited and a solution is demanded to  deal with our  decaying morality that is allowed to fester on unimpeded.

It’s the perfect example of the Hegelian  Dialectic at play. The problem is created and the public is conned into  begging for a solution that the communists already have in waiting. It’s  important to understand that according to the U.N. Declaration of human rights,  people have a right to “freedom of expression” not freedom of speech. Free  speech is dangerous as speech can be used as a weapon. Expression can be  controlled and in its simplest definition, expression pertains to some type of  performance art form. So people may be free to express themselves, but not  through the means of political speech that is geared at telling the truth.  Failure to understand this difference can mean a great deal in the pursuit of  liberty.

It is imperative that we work to restore some semblance of morality in this  nation because as we slide further and further into the abyss the more likely  it  is that someone else’s morality will be enforced upon us.  I am quite  confident  that you know what I am referring too.

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